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What is hepatitis?

A healthy liver helps fight infections, stops bleeding, processes medications and removes toxins from the body. Hepatitis is a disease that affects your liver by causing it to swell and become inflamed. Common causes of hepatitis include some viruses that can damage liver cells, causing scar tissue to form and to prevent those cells from functioning. Depending on the type of hepatitis infection, the disease can be mild, chronic or deadly. Hepatitis affects millions of Americans.Read More »What is hepatitis?

EU study raises alarm over pesticides’ effect on child

OSLO, Oct 24: Many pesticides used in the European Union may damage brain growth in foetuses and young children, according to a study published on Friday.

The study urged the European Union to tighten restrictions.

“Toxicity to the brain is not routinely included in testing pesticides,” Philippe Grandjean of the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Southern Denmark said.Read More »EU study raises alarm over pesticides’ effect on child

Environmental factors trigger breast cancer among women

Associated Press of Pakistan

KARACHI: Pakistan registers one of the highest incidence rates of breast cancers in the world with environmental factors suspected as main culprit to trigger the ailment.

Dr Rufina Soomro, consultant general surgeon, specially trained in breast cancer surgery, told journalists following a Pakistan Medical Association organised seminar on Breast Cancer, Tuesday evening.Read More »Environmental factors trigger breast cancer among women

Chicken soup may lower BP

Chicken soup, which has been dubbed grandma’s penicillin for its purported cold-fighting abilities, may also help to lower high blood pressure, a new study suggests. Japanese researchers have found that collagen proteins found in chicken may actually lower blood pressure. These collagens appear to act like the blood pressure medications called ACE inhibitors. Read More »Chicken soup may lower BP