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Will rental power solve Pakistan’s energy woes?

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani government has recently approved a controversial plan to hire power plants to overcome severe electricity shortages, despite opposition from its finance minister.

Aides of Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin said he almost resigned after failing to persuade the cabinet against renting, an option he considered expensive and inefficient.Read More »Will rental power solve Pakistan’s energy woes?

Pakistan’s Power crises: misconceptions

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By Dr Ashfaque H Khan

There are many misconceptions about Pakistan’s economy, which have either been created deliberately or are the outcomes of ignorance. One such misconception deals with the power sector. It has been generally argued over the last two years that not a single unit of power has been added in the past seven or eight years or why the generation capacity was not increased to keep up with demand. In this article I intend to clear this misconception by presenting facts. Read More »Pakistan’s Power crises: misconceptions

Pakistan’s first clean coal power plant likely by November 2010


 Pakistan will have its first clean coal power generation facility by the end of next year, said Hillard Herzog, the CEO of a US-based energy firm Bergamo E&A in an interview with BR Research of Business Recorder. “Ours is a 544 megawatt clean coal energy project to be set up in Jamshoro, under the terms of your government’s rental (power) programme” said Herzog, who oversees the firm’s energy business in Pakistan.
Read More »Pakistan’s first clean coal power plant likely by November 2010