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news and articles related to energy sector.

Toyota unveiling electric car in Detroit

DETROIT: Toyota Motor Corp. said Saturday it is confirming plans to have an all-electric vehicle on U.S. roads by 2012 by introducing an ultra-compact battery-powered concept car at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Toyota calls the FT-EV, based on the ultra-compact iQ model on sale in Japan, an “urban dweller” with a range of 50 miles. Although there’s no guarantee it will go into production in its current form, it illustrates the company’s product strategies.
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Pakistan needed an energy policy

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Ali Hammad Raza

While attending the energy delta convention 2008 held in the Netherlands, I listened to the brightest minds from around the world share their vision on energy. European energy analysts were engaged in drafting joint targets for the future. They also reported their failures and successes based on the goals set forth in previous conventions. All of these proceedings reminded me more and more of my beloved country’s lack of policy on energy issues.
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KARACHI: First windmill commissioned

A wind turbine of 1.2mw, the first such alternate energy source, has been commissioned while four others of same capacity will start supplying power by end December 2008, it was announced.

The Turkish company, Zorlu Enerji Pakistan, is erecting the turbines in Jhimpir, 70km from Karachi, each capable of producing 1.2mw of electricity, its CEO Murat Sungur Bursa told a press a conference held here on sidelines of an international management convention. Read More »KARACHI: First windmill commissioned