Poverty reduction strategy in Pakistan

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by Rahila Shabbir
Poverty reduction has become a great challenge for every Government of Pakistan. As a matter of fact, poverty itself is a challenge which is undefined as well as vague, as the roots of poverty lies scattered in the society like the ends of confused pieces of strings, the end of which is difficult rather impossible to pick out. Read More »Poverty reduction strategy in Pakistan

Pakistan in historical perspective

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Nabeel Ahmed Sheikh

Pakistan came into being as a result of a long and relentless struggle of the Muslims of the subcontinent for a separate homeland. The Muslims under the dynamic leadership of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had to struggle hard and gave tremendous sacrifices. This demand was made by the Muslims only when it seemed to them that the Hindu majority was absolutely determined to deny to the Muslims their due rights within a unitedIndia.Read More »Pakistan in historical perspective