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Immaculate Conception

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

On the occasion of 38th National Day of UAE, HH. Sheikh Khalifa, bin Zayed Al Nahyan the President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi delivered a remarkable and thoughtful speech to his nation. He said that the country would continue on a path to peace and prosperity. He proudly shared that the UAE had come a long way in terms of safety and security since it was established in 1971.

The whole speech was Immaculate Conception. It was full of hope, passion, compassion, and above all political commitment towards the socio-economic betterment of his people. The speech reflected his visionary abilities along with humanistic spirits too. It also showed his unstoppable persuasion about his long waited dreams of prosperity, stability, strong armed forces and above all participatory political system in shape of FNC in UAE. Most of his dreams has been materialized.

Strong, Stable and Sustainable Economy

“On this National Day Celebration, we would like to reassure everyone in the country that our nation today is stronger and better off,” Sheikh Khalifa said. “Our economy is stable, strong and sustainable and our articulated society is in a good state too.” He further explained.

He showed his strong commitment towards the revival of original “Emirati Customs” and traditions and stressing that families were the cornerstone of our society, where the youth should learn submission, service, solidarity and patriotism.

He pointed out core achievements of UAE macro-economy. Continuation infrastructure development of the national economy, strong regulatory mechanism and the last not the least introduction of structural reforms are now paying the dividends. Investment promotion, regulation and monitoring of credit, immaculate planning mechanism and institutionalization of scientific research has already transformed UAE society and economy alike.

“UAE economic model is based on the philosophy and practices of self-reliance and participatory approach “community based” reality”. The new model is able to transform us successfully from the stage of gradual labour-intensive to a new stage, strong industry and the high-tech, capital-intensive, knowledge-based on advanced technology, environmental awareness to preserve the nation and protect the identity and increase availability of real jobs for our children”. He further elaborated.

He again shared the secretes of phenomenal socio-economic advancement of the UAE which has been made easy due to comprehensive crystal clear vision of leaders, the order of priorities of the government, continuation of the economic policies of main organs of the state, functional financial/rationale policies of the central bank, high level of corporate governance in commercial banking, policies governing the labour market and emphasizing the unity of the market across the nation. High standards of education and training policies to the labour market, activation of Emiratisation and replacement policy, efforts to modernize the supervisory management of the economy, and infrastructure development in less developed regions and improved services would also be instrumental to turn dreams into realities.

Sacred Humanity

Human resource management, crisis management and total quality management were the core issues which he discussed in his well prepared and executed speech. He was very much right by saying “activation of national human resource energy, is a bet and condition of survival, strength and purpose and the security”.

He wonderfully combined socio-economic prosperity with the family system, education, modernity with high moralities and honesty and patriotism with professionalism. He extended his support for the promotion of community cohesion, including deepening of the family cohesion values, social harmony, and community partnership and articulation. Moreover, the social development was one of the main focuses of his speech. He talked about the channelization of youth capabilities, infusion of education, (technical and vocational) health care facilities, adequate housing, women empowerment, equal right, social justice, merit, free and free play and above all overall wellbeing of his people.

Balanced Foreign Policy

HH. Sheikh Khalifa spoke highly about the positive, constructive and contributory integrated efforts and initiatives of his country in resolving the regional and international geo-political and geo-strategic problems not confined only to, Lebanon, Palestine-Israel, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and other places. By saying that “the Palestinian cause is our cause and our suffering is the suffering of the Palestinians he showed his utmost commitment towards the struggling people. He pinpointed emerging and potential geo-political and geo-strategic issues in the whole Islamic World and suggested that harmony, cooperation and coordination among all the Muslim countries is must for Muslim survival in regional and international power arena.

His further elaborated about the foreign policy which reflected his paramount belief in conflict resolution, dialogue, diplomacy and deterrence. The start of peaceful nuclear energy program is the grand success of his foreign policy. He mentioned UAE humanity services for many countries which also affirmed his humanistic spirits, interfaith harmony, mutual respect and above all universal cooperation. The different initiatives taken in the fields of renewable energy once again reconfirm his visionary ability. The pursuits of renewable energy resources are the demand of to-day and would be compulsion of tomorrow. It seems that “SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT TO UAE Leadership”.

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