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Entertainment Brigade set to revive street theatre in Pakistan

By Ali Usman

LAHORE: Street theatre is probably the oldest form of theatre that exists. Majority of the current forms of performing arts stem from centuries-old street performances. One of the most unique aspects of this unpaid form of theatre is its socio-political intentions. Street theatre provides an opportunity to common people, who cannot afford to go to actual theatres, to enjoy performances without paying anything.

Street theatre is deeply rooted in Pakistan. What sets it apart from commercial theatre is that it addresses people directly. This form of theatre has long been used to create awareness among the masses about social and political issues and events around them, calling them to voice their beliefs.

Aimed at reviving street theatre, a group of students is working on a project to provide cost effective means of entertainment and education to underprivileged people in their communities, Daily Times has learnt. Entertainment Brigade is training workers to enable them to entertain their respective communities and educate people on issues that affect them the most. This will provide the targeted community a platform and a cost-effective medium for voicing its concerns, the group said.

Brainchild of four university students Ali Imran, Younas Chaudhry, Aqilur Rehman and Zohaibur Rehman, the group was initially a part of an academic project. However, it has now gone beyond the limits of an assignment and is currently training people to become street artists. Rukhsana Khan, who is associated with Punjab Theatre, is training 20 people chosen by the Entertainment Brigade from factories on the Raiwind Road. Younas Chaudhry told Daily Times that the training of the first batch of 20 workers was almost complete and they would start performing soon. “We have been talking to sponsors and have even lined up a few. Initially, we need them to fund our performances and once the training is complete, we will not need their help,” he added.\12\07\story_7-12-2009_pg13_5

1 thought on “Entertainment Brigade set to revive street theatre in Pakistan”

  1. Thank you young people. keep it up. Arts are the core ingredient of any culture and civilization. We have been in last 2 decades hijacked by the Afghan Mullas. Liberate the nation from those butchers of the innocents. We are old and do not have energy but at least pat you up. Revive your culture, Revive your system. Your system has developed over thousands of years and only solution to your problems and your children’s well being is not to Import Democracy, Justice and what Not. Your Success lies with adjusting your system to the 21st century demands. We were here since thousands of years, we will be here for next thousands of years and we will live according to our values directed to take care of our problems. Uzbekistan after its Independence had to pass through a difficult road to prosperity. On the one hand Uzbeks after Independence wanted to take control of their affairs and Looked at Russians as aliens. Then Tajik Speaking Uzbeks in Bukhara and Samarkand had intentions directed more towards Tajikistan than Uzbekistan. Uzbeks in Fergana were penetrated by Wahabism forces and were promoting a way of live not connected with the realities. Over all the nation wanted of have closer relationship with Pakistan, Turkey and other Muslim countries to balance the massive power of Russia on their Borders. Then the people started looking towards Europe and USA to act as a balancing force when they felt them selves let down by Muslim Countries and Euphoria of Muslim Brother hood failed to bring any change. But then Europe and USA started acting as rulers and started sending dictation. Much has not written about President Islam Karimov in Pakistan and majority of Information about him filters from the west, which is highly Biased.
    President Islam Karimov has been a Leader who has guided and lead his nation from all these serious problems with courage, Vision, and Trust. There were many times when he had to take very hard decisions. But he always kept the long term interest of his nation dear to his heart and was never afraid of taking hardest decisions. Today Uzbekistan is a land of Peace, Progress, Beauty, Tranquility. Uzbekistan does not have foreign Debt, Uzbekistan exports more than it Imports, Uzbekistan GNP Growth rate 9% is one of the highest in the world. No body has felt any effect of the World financial Crisis. On the Contrary the number of foreign cars have increased many fold in last one year. Restaurants are Full, Roads are wide and green and in Mohallas (Uzbek also call MOHALLAH) fruits grow. Tashkent city is the greenest and Cleanest. This has all been possible because of President Islam Karimov but on the other hand it has all been made possible because of Uzbekistan did not allow any foreign ideology and always trusted the Uzbek Culture and system evolved over the centuries. So young people our full respect and support with you.

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