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Drowned In the oceans of emotions; chasing the luminous beads out of sandy grieves, here comes the lunatic creature of the nature; the character played by God; the HUMAN BEING!!!


I, myself, am honored to observe this monolithic creation and I am obvious to declare that it’s actually the most adventurous game played by the great nature. In the game, the “Mad muddy” is being completely controlled by the player, the God. But is just allowed to flail whichever arm or leg first. And see the irony he seems completely alright with it. Because he always is supposed to be indulged in the lurking fires which are actually put by the super mind to relish its own adventurous soul.


The game guy looks so innocent when he gets the bright shades on his face because he gets over some obstacle without realizing the face that the real player intended him to b joyous by a careful move. So he is!!


Well! Out of the gaming zone, let’s have a look at the attitude of the explosive nation for which they get flak…


The whole mass is the same I mean the same stuffed toys but are differently positioned and postured at a worldly rack. The higher ones are fluffier like they are more reluctant to b played with. But the lower ones are always fine towards all the pinching stuff.


With the reason that they are the lower ones!!


Aaw the poor pals!



The funny part of this creation is it never remains in the stable state; always up to be in an excited one.

For this, whatever the mass is to do all they say is “JUST DO IT”!!

That’s where the problem starts. In this case, I am staunchly supporting the creator who has sympathy for them creating hurdles because they, whether agreed or not, really cant sustain without the odd things.


Now come to the most astonishing and “nowhere else found” blind butterflies they pet. Oh! I am sorry I might am daring to humiliate them now. Actually I am talking about their most remarkable feature I mean the EMOTIONS!


Well! It is the most complex thing that the lunatics carry and I still am unable to analyze them. All I want to say is these cuties can b fired anytime and anywhere. And yeah! They die too. Really they die??

All are often found complaining their pets had died. But where their brainy stuff goes right that time?? As in they are talking and complaining about their emotions and this remembrance is wholly linked with their feelings. Well whatever!!

They are complex.

THEY REALLY ARE!! I must say.

Oh yeah! I am missing the dangerous feature of the adventurous species i.e. HEART. Well heart, doesn’t not sound interesting. It must have named something else like “Pumpy fluff or a “Frisky”. Eew! I, too, fail naming it.

Anyhow it is heard that the heart is linked with emotions and also pumps blood to help man remaining live and has spacious space for some one sweet to heart called the “Sweet heart”, in general. In severe cases, many are sweet to it purposed as “sweets” for heart.

Well HELLO!!! It is just equivalent to the fist of a person then how it manages such a vast area inside, actually??


What else can I do?


All I have to do now is to work harder on it. Right now I don’t feel to search the complexity. I’ll probably b doing it at some other time when I’ll feel a real pity for the…Oh! Get a break. I feel. You notice I feel twice right now?? I mean I FEEL!!! Like I also possess the same butterflies which are the emotions actually.

Do I belong to the same species, too??

Oh please NO!!


Do I really??

I mean how can me b such a lame… AM I???…..

And ………..


                   (The writer is extinct)

                                                            Sarah Sundus




5 thoughts on “THE MUD TOY”

  1. i appreciate your thinking …. going good write some and for some exotic topics gotta catch you on those probably a new thinking can make a new change ……
    best of luck

  2. Thank you for your comments: I would like to take some liberty and would like to address my article to all the thinking Pakistanis. 15 Minutes ago I received a mail from some Khan in Peshawar sending me the family Photographs of Salman Taseer’s Daughter, Wife. At the start was a fire brand Letter. Meaning, How can Mr Zardari and Salman Taseer are Holding Office in a country created on the name of Islam? Such things are not even tolerated in USA and in the end World Price of Oil is Rs 30. They should reduce the price. They are Looting our money and what not.

    First of all I did not see any thing in those photographs which can be rated as Vulgar or below dignity. Simple family photos. If daughter is wearing Jeans and with out sleeves shirt then My sister in USA also wears Jean and sleeve less shirt and even my daughter has lately started wearing jean. But I was thinking that what were the intentions of that Mail? Answer was Creating dis satisfaction and degrading them in front of the masses and eroding trust of the masses.
    First thing we all have sisters, daughters, wive, and as I would respect the dignity of my daughter so I will respect the dignity of any body’s daughter.
    If you have watched ever a TV Serial AKHRI CHATTAN, May be by Nasim Hejazi or may be Shaheen By Nasim Hejazi. I remember Chengez Khan Forces were moving towards the Sultan Khovarzim and some sincere Soldiers went to Bughdad Caliph and to people for support. They were surprised when the people were more interested in debating the Shia and Sunni issue than supporting the Sultan of Khovarzm.
    So what happened: Chengez Khan after ransacking Urgench moved Towards Baghdad and Halaku Khan Killed all the Population of Baghdad.
    Pakistan is at a very very serious juncture. In last 60 years we have been consistent only in one thing. We were blaming every body who was sitting in the office and then praising when he was not there. We only praise Muhammad Ali Jinnah Now. At that time he was also not very popular. He was lucky that he died early. Other wise you know. We have always been wrong so let us accept that and start enjoying the lighter side of the life. Let us give our self to the destiny and start supporting any body who is sitting in the office. At least we wanted Democracy. We should accept the people’s mandate for 5 Years.
    Many Wars are going Inside Pakistan. Terrorism with Weapons, Media Terrorism, Judges Terrorism, Advocates Terrorism, Politicians Terrorism, Mobs Terrorism. We are very week and we can not fight so many wars. We have already lost to the above powerful forces. So lets enjoy the life, Lighter moments, Beautiful words, Nice poetry, Music, and let us give our self to our destiny. In Uzbekistan People have very simple view of the life. They eat, Write, dance, and most beautiful aspect of Uzbek Culture is their GAP. I think the world GUP was transfered from Uzbek language to Urdu.
    Generally Once or twice in a month all the child hood friends sit together, cook, talk, discuss and enjoy every moment of being together. It does not matter weather one is Minister and Other is Poor. They would sit there like equals. Actually uzbek Society respects the equality of Human beings and for a Pakistani it would be surprising to see the CEO and driver sharing the same table during Lunch and evening. Write about Humanity, Humans, culture, music, Beauty, Friendship, Respect, Love. Thank you for taking the initiative. I hope people will start respecting every body’s daughters other wise it will be tomorrow their own daughter pictures which definitely they will not like.

  3. Wonderful Article. Our Nation need such Articles written in Lighter tone. We the nation of assumer’s and Know Every Thing must enjoy such articles. We in Uzbekistan have life with very low Frustration because we move at a snail’s pace but sure and Confident. In Uzbekistan people are very fond of Reading and arts and drama is well developed.

    1. @Haroon, hey thank u so much.m just a new writer.i need u readers’ encouragement so that i keep on writing such stuff.

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