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Musharraf seeks entry into politics

By Irfan Ghauri

musharraf247ISLAMABAD: Former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf has asked his aides to pave the way for his return to Pakistan and formal entry into politics.

Sources told Daily Times on Friday that Musharraf had been consulting his friends to assess his prospects in politics, as the constitutional bar on his entry into politics lapses on November 28 (today).

The sources said Musharraf had been pursuing a wait-and-see policy and is keen to bring together his former supporters. Musharraf has asked his key supporters to contact politicians for a unified Muslim League, minus the PML-N.

Many leaders of Chaudhry Shujaat-led PML-Q, and the party’s dissident group, including Hamid Nasir Chatta, Saleem Saifullah Khan and Humayun Akhtar, have met Musharraf in the past few months, while many current and former parliamentarians are in regular contact with him, the sources added.\11\28\story_28-11-2009_pg1_2

3 thoughts on “Musharraf seeks entry into politics”

  1. A person who doest have manners to talk to public he always blame common people and doesnt know anything about democracy he needs to learn about the democracy and rights of the civilian. I believe armed forces esapecially from Pakistan will never be able to understand the problems of common people in Pkaistand as they have always kept the difference. I think we need a leader who can bring all races in Pakistan together, should be from common people, know the rights of common people, and etc. Musharaf doenst have any single of these attribute so he doenst deserve to be a part of Pakistan politics as he believes in divide and rule.
    We should collectivity discourge him in entering into Pakistan politics as in his tenure whole nation divded and there was so many people killed so we dont want killer and he should be punsihed.

    Musharaf I request you to be out from Pakistan otherwise common people of Pakistan will loose their trust on PAK Army. Army should do what they are supposed to do.

    1. @ZAK, The tragedy of Pakistan is that every body tries to be the spokesman of Common People. These spokesmen are also professional s in exploiting the common people when ever they get the chance and always spire for that. Just Imagine now the Common People Lawyer are having the plate of Advocate on their cars, The Common people Press is having the plates of press on their even Motor Cycle and in the same way member Union Council, nazims. What they actually want that they should break the law and exploit the position which they hold to create Fear.
      Pakistani nation is a nation of assumer’s and does not know any thing about Democracy> What comments has the spokesman of the common people for such a situation in Democracy? If some body’s sister want to get married with any person of his choice and then what he will do that person should do? Every nation has to create a system according to its realities and people who think that Democracy is the Golden Pill then they are working for some body with out even knowing that. Uzbekistan has controlled Democracy and is progressing under the leadership of President Islam karimov and it is much better than Pakistani Democracy which creates Bomb Blasts, Misery, and Chaos, and looting opportunities for the Spokesmen of the Common People.

  2. I wish President Musharaf all the luck and best wishes because in Pakistan to be a good politician aa person has to be with out any Principles, public money looter, belonging to some big family clan of looters, and able to get rich on others resources. President Musharaf does not have any of those attributes. He is intelligent, visionary, brave, patriotic, and his contributions to the well being of Pakistan will always be remembered in the history pages. If he would seek my advise I will advise him to wait for one or two years. He should do every thing under his control to support Nawaz Sharif to become the leader. Our Nation of Blamers and MR ALWAYS RIGHT will start then blaming Nawaz Sharif for every thing. Then the Nation will start singing the praises of Musharaf and then he will be the leader of this nation for as long as he decides. President Musharaf was our best and most able leader which we ever had. His many well wishers would always support him and say thank you to such a great son of this land. In Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov was also a great admirer of President Musharaf and all the uzbek Nation loved him. President Islam Karimov has also provided leadership to his nation and every visitor visiting Uzbekistan would witness what a true leader can do for his nation. President Islam Karimov has established Colleges in each and every village of Uzbekistan and the most Beautiful Building in Every Village is the College Building. President Musharaf has also Established so many Universities by appointing the Great Son Dr Atta as the chairman of HEC. Now I anxiously await the comments from Emotional MR ALWAYS RIGHTS with out any logic.

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