Doctors advise precautions during Eid

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ISLAMABAD: Health experts have advised people to take special precautions during Eid-ul-Azha to avoid medical complications.

Chairman Pakistan Medical Society Dr Masood Akhtar Sheikh said excessive use of salt and chillies could increase acidity in stomach.

He added that such items could be dangerous for those having problems of acidity, ulcers in stomach and small intestines. The addition of cold drinks with spicy food can do more harm.

Dr Masood Sheikh added that not more than 200 to 250 grams of red meat was needed for the body in one day and excessive use of meat could cause increase in uric acid, leading to increased incidence of gout, gouty arthritis and increased burden on kidneys.

He said people having problems of kidney or those having advanced hepatitis should also take special precautions.

He said the fats attached with this meat should not be used as a replacement of oil or ghee as this was the most dangerous form of fats that could lead to hypertension and heart disease, including angina and heart attacks if used for a long time, he added.

Dr Masood said people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, and those with cardiac disease should take extra precautions while consuming meat.

He added there should be extra precautions while making barbeque as excessive burning of meat could produce chemicals dangerous for health, having potential carcinogens.

He said that children should be kept away from slaughter spots as this can lead to future phobias.

During slaughtering of animals, there have been incidences of injuries to people around them, caused by knives or the animal itself, he added.

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