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FNC cornerstone of UAE political system

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

Federal National Council (FNC) is playing tremendous role in the political stability and sustainability of the UAE and it provides true spirits of democratic, guarantees media and press freedom and above safeguard the rights of women and minorities rights Speaker of UAE’s Federal National Council (FNC) Abdul Aziz Al-Ghurair said on Sunday. Talking to international media delegation from around the world he said the UAE parliament has constituted a Federal political system which always care about its federating.

“It is important that we maintain our own national identity,” he briefed the media representatives from around 46 countries here at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research.

He said the objective of setting up the council was to study the demographics of UAE, that is home to around 145 different nationalities and is skewed heavily in favour of its expatriate community.

A recent study puts the local Emirati population at around 1.65 million of the around 6 million total population. It includes a heavy presence of 1.75 million Indians, 1.25 million Pakistanis and around 0.5 million Bangladeshis, besides another 0.5 million from China, Phillipines, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Afghanistan and Iran.

The speaker spoke highly about the UAE liberal and progressive policy which has already enabled them to achieve their goals but would still like to preserve its national identity. He stressed the need to learn different languages along with the Arabic language in schools.

He said the UAE was the only federation in the region and was successfully making advancement towards democracy gradually. He said at present there were no political parties. “we do not have political uncertainty and any confrontation, because we believe that politics stands for comfort not confrontation , development not destruction, decency not deceive and above all coordination not conspiracy. So, we all work for our national interests.

About freedom to the media, he said almost 60 percent of the draft law in this regard was changed during discussions and was unprecedented in the history of FNC’s legislation. Similarly, he proudly shared that of the 22 cabinet ministers, four were women and playing a key role in national development of UAE.
We are gender equality nation” he said and pointed larger number of women were working in federal government departments.
Regarding international relations, Abdul Aziz al-Ghurair said the Emirates’ dispute with Iran over the accession of an island was the only major issue and has been often debated at the parliament.
“We are ready to resolve this bilaterally and amicably but if Iran does not want so, we will have no other choice but to plead our case in the International Court of Justice,” he added.

He strongly rejected any linkage between Islam and terrorism and said extremist elements can be found in every society. “Islam stands for peace, prosperity and harmony and no divine religion allows these kind of fanatic activities. Root causes should be traced and three pronged strategy of dialogue, development and deterrence must be initiated simultaneously

Earlier UAE Central Bank Governor Sultan Bin Nasser al-Suwaidi told international media group that the UAE non performing loans ratio is 6-7 percent, banking spread is not big, inflation is under control, and above all there is no banking liquidity crunch in the country. “UAE has no intention of delinking its national currency from the US dollar and said the federation of the seven states has come out of it.

“Macro-economy is healthy and sound and volumes of trade are gradually picking up, he said that UAE has successfully come out ongoing global economic recession and financial crunch.

He briefed there were around 53 banks, including 24 national and 27 from the GCC countries and there was no discrimination between them. “ Islamic banking is getting better and stronger day by day in the country and prospects are very bright.

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