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 USA is losing its War on Terror in Afghanistan; now it is the talk of the town that. Different analysts are suggesting to the US authorities to think of the ways of getting out of the blazing hell of Afghanistan. It is also in the air that the Taliban would never let the Americans go out of their land alive. They want American pouring out their resources aimlessly into the unfathomable sea of Afghanistan. They know very well that the invasion in Afghanistan is costing a lot to America and it is going to prove an unbearable burden on the American economy. But in spite of all these suggestions, all indications and all warnings, the US authorities are never trying to understand the background of this grim scenario. Still there is time to think over the reasons behind this failure. Why billions of dollars and sacrifices of hundreds of young American soldiers, are going waste in Afghanistan?



The situation could have been much better and easily controllable if America had alone tried to invade Afghanistan without bringing a large and huge congregation of ‘hired troops’ with it. Though, in that situation, it would have been as much impossible and out of reach as it is now, to make Afghanistan a US colony, but the ratio of losses might have been lesser than it is now. Another important point behind the US failure in Afghanistan is the Indian involvement in the Afghan territory. According to the authentic reports India is taking full advantage of the American invasion in Afghanistan. In the guise of a supporter of USA, India is trying to exploit the situation in her own favour and benefit. Afghanistan has become a gate way to Pakistan for Indian terrorist activities. So many times the Government of Pakistan has made complaints to the United Nations and other authorities that India is supporting the terrorists in Swat and Waziristan by providing them with arms and ammunitions, terrorists in the garb of Taliban are on hand bringing a bad name to the Taliban and on the other hand destroying the whole social fiber of Pakistan.. So many times the security forces have discovered Indian Make weapons from the terrorists. But unfortunately no one is ready to listen to what Pakistan has been saying since long. It is due to Indian help to Taliban that all efforts of Pakistan are going waste against the growing terrorism in the region.. Indians are locked at punishing Pakistan with out realizing implications of helping Taliban. This double game played by India is putting US in a more complicated situation. Even some of the US think tanks are of the opinion that America must put a check on the Indian activities in Afghanistan if it wants to achieve its desired ambitions. They are arguing against the US policy of making India a regional boss. By doing undue favors to India, The USA is depriving itself of the probable Muslim support through out the world and particularly in America.



In fact India is dreaming of becoming the substitute of America in case the latter plans to exit from Afghanistan. Here the question arises; will the people of Afghanistan accept India as their godfather in case America quits from their country; they will surely not. The Afghanis are very much fundamental and staunch in their creed and religious ideology. They can never welcome any one having a past history of crushing the Muslims and Islam. In that case the result would be another war; Indo-Afghan war; another huge blood shed and a whole sale massacre. The people of this region shall never forget and spare America for such a blunder.



The Indian premier, Dr. Man Mohan Singh shall be visiting America in the Last week of this November 2009, essentially to finalize on Civil Nuclear deal and for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. In case Mr. Man Mohan Singh succeeds in his all his efforts in this regard, the next scene would not be very much pleasing and comforting for the Obama administration. By doing pacts with India, the USA will be certainly inviting a new trouble. The civil or any type of nuclear deal with India will case a flagrant heart burning to China. As it is in the media; India and China have been on the verge of a war for the last many months. Making India strong and supporting her with nuclear deals means efforts of weakening China. By supporting India, the USA shall be bringing up another enemy in the region, in shape of China. The US authorities have been ignoring another fact that India had been supporting the Russian Invasion in Afghanistan three decades back. That time it was Pakistan who stood with America at that crucial time and used all its sources in throwing the USSR out of Afghanistan. Under what law one can support ones past enemy and weaken an all time trust worthy friend. This approach is even against the law of nature. America must keep in mind that the Hindus are the followers of Chanakya, whose philosophy is; say some thing else and do some thing else. Indian religious beliefs, Psychology and habits are totally different from the Christians.


As far as the common people of Pakistan are concerned, they are happy over the new strengthening bonds of love and friendship between America and India. They think that the Americans are not trustworthy. In their opinion, it is an American tradition to betray a friend when he or she is of no more use to them. They did same to Pakistan and so would they do to the Indians. Whosoever had them as their friend, always remained a loser


The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on international defense and strategic affairs.


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