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Only cars allowed on four ‘model roads’ in Lahore

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* Rickshaws, motorcycles, bicycles partially banned on Jail Road, Ferozepur Road, Walton Road and Bund Road
* Ban to remain in place from 8am to 2pm every day

By Rana Tanveer

LAHORE: The City Traffic Police (CTP) has banned rickshaws, motorcycles and bicycles from four major roads in the city during office timings, sources told Daily Times. On October 14, the CTP declared Gulberg Main Boulevard a ‘model road’ and banned rickshaws, motorcycles and bicycles from entering the road between 8am to 2pm on the Fawara Chowk to Centre Point stretch. Banners and neon signs had been displayed, instructing riders to use the service lanes instead of the main road during the prescribed timings. The CTP has now banned rickshaws, motorcycles and cycles partially at Jail Road, Ferozepur Road, Walton Road and Bund Road from 8am to 2pm. This ban has only been implemented on an experimental basis so far. However, the CTP has failed to implement this ban according to schedule, sources told Daily Times. Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Intesar Hussain Jaafri told Daily Times that because of the law and order situation in the city, the CTP’s plan to declare several city roads ‘model roads’ could not be carried out according to plan. Jaafri said police have banned rickshaws, motorcycles and cycles on Bund Road from the Babu Sabu Interchange to Saggian Ravi Bridge; on Jail Road from Qartaba Chowk to Lahore College for Women University; on Walton Road, and on Ferozepur Road from Lahore Bridge to Model Town Mor. The CTO appealed to motorists to cooperate with the CTP to ensure their safety while driving. Jaafri said the CTP was trying to educate motorists by informing them about the new steps introduced in the city. The CTO visited the model roads and observed the implementation of the ban. The CTO said that the step was taken as an experiment to ensure smooth traffic and the motorists’ safety. The CTP plans to completely ban two and three-wheelers from the model roads.\11\04\story_4-11-2009_pg13_9

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