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Drive your car simply by using a Smartphone

smartphoneSYDNEY: Want to be James Bond? Well, you can imitate him to a certain level thanks to a newly developed iPhone “app” that allows a driver to control a full-fledged passenger car just via his or her Smartphone.

Created by German university researchers to take part in an American military driverless car challenge, the amazing automotive app can let a user drive a vehicle remotely via one of the clever phones.

Although the iPhone controlled car has been under development for some time, it is only now that the researchers have released a YouTube video featuring the remarkable app in full action.

The clip shows an iPhone screen featuring a steering wheel and brake and accelerator buttons, report sources.

To move the car forward, the user presses the accelerator button and to stop the vehicle, the operator pushes the brake button.

To move and steer the car, the operator tilts the iPhone.

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