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‘Flight 420’ brings laughter to terror-stricken Islamabad

The play ‘Flight 420’ on Thursday brought much awaited laughter to the capital facing terrorism with social and recreational activities at its lowest ebb.

“Flight 420”, the latest play of Kopy Kat Productions, staged at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) auditorium, is produced by Dawar Mehmood and directed by Shafqat Khan.

Many of the youngsters opined that ‘Flight 420’ failed to spinning them in fits of laughter as ‘Kopy Kat Productions’ did through their other plays like ‘Come Again’ and ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’.

“It is because the play is an adopted version of a classic comic farce ‘Boeing-Boeing’ from French playwright Marc Camoletti that rocked the 60s with laughter. Its story quite resembles with an Indian movie ‘Garam Masala”, said Ahmed Ibraheem, a student.

His fellow Ahmed Bhatti said it was not an unexpected comedy, whereas public demands fresh stuff for entertainment. He said in present panic-ridden situation and that too in a lifeless city of Islamabad, the play was nevertheless a welcome effort.

The curtain raised with the Jigs (Shafqat Khan) dialogue, “My grandma gave that ring to my mother who presented it to me and I would offer it to my fiancée”. Jigs, the main character of ‘Flight 420’ performed his character fantastically well.

Mr Jigs flirts with three girls who work as airhostess in different airlines and presents his ring to them as his fiancée. He also betrays his real fiancée saying, “He had great love for her”.

‘Flight 420’ will continue to be staged at the PNCA auditorium till November 2.\10\30\story_30-10-2009_pg11_8

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