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Different ways of defining love

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By Fawad Ali Shah

definingloveKARACHI: Love filled the air at the Indus Valley Art Gallery, as it hosted the work of different artists, which included students and faculty members. The title of the exhibition were the clichéd words, ‘Ishq Vishq’.

The artists interpreted the theme according to what they made of the word ‘Ishq’, and the younger ones of the lot created truly marvellous pictures, using different mediums and a variety of colours.

The most common mediums were oil on canvas, collograph print and photography but some daring ones decided to convey their feelings by using thread on paper. The exhibition was well received and attracted a large audience. Sana Burni, a faculty member of Indus Valley, used photographs to try and separate Ishq from Vishq. According to her, Ishq is a mystical phenomenon, comprising of sincerity, depth and honesty, whereas, Vishq is ‘sort of worldly’.

“Vishq is always colourful, joyous and attracting but lacks qualities of Ishq like mysticism and depth,” said Burni, explaining her photographs.

Muzammil Ruheel, another young artist, used acrylic paint on plastic bags, to try and create a fusion of popular themes, pop art and his practice. He has presented love in the shape of Che Guevara.

Manizhe Ali, another faculty member of the Indus Valley and a senior artist, presented the images of landscapes to her audience by using digital print on canvas. “I have taken these images from my film, ‘One-way Traffic’, the theme has been taken from one way traffic on Bundar Road,” Ali explained her paintings.

Sarah Jawaid, another artist explained her paintings in these words, “I explored my skill of working with a palette knife. I have completely avoided the use of a paintbrush. I have used myself to reflect the emotional state of a person absorbed in love.”

The atmosphere at the gallery had so much love that the audience could not help but give some to the artists, as they say love conquers all, even sometimes the ability to criticise.\10\27\story_27-10-2009_pg12_7

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