HAS SHAHZAD GONE? By Muhammad Javed

Will PIA please explain as to why its contact emails keep changing?  An email is like a telephone number ,it is a sort of one’s permanent contact information, that is the reason in order to avoid change of telephone numbers the important organizations are adopting UAN numbers which are easy to remember and do not change.

 PIA first had given its Head Office main contact as shahzad@piac.com.pk.  Who was shahzad?  Was he a permanent for life in PIA that an official email was created in his personal name?  From this address the emails sent started coming undelivered. Had shahzad left for US or got retired?   Then it was learnt that PIA had changed its email as contact@piac.com.pk.  After sometime the emails sent started coming back from it too. When after a struggle it was found that PIA had changed its address to info@piac.com.pk.  After passage of some more time the emails sent on this email too started coming back undelivered.  Now it is learnt that the new email address info@piac.aero has been introduced. When will it change next, one should expect soon.  Will the PIA please explain to the taxpayer passengers and citizens as to why it does not like the citizens to depend on their memories, diaries or note books for contacting PIA and why each time a citizen should first struggle to know what was “today’s current” email.  What is the mystery in it?

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