A clear-cut war on Pakistan

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Ashraf Javed
LAHORE – Thursday’s coordinated terror attacks on the key security installations in Lahore, Kohat and then in the residential area in Peshawar within hours, clearly indicates that the activists of the defunct religious organisations sponsored by Indian Intelligence Agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and backed by Al-Qaeda, are playing in the hands of anti-Pakistan forces.
The trained and well-organised terrorists are accelerating synchronised attacks with every passing day, targeting army, police and other law enforcing agencies to demoralise the security apparatus of the country.
Ironically, the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik rushed to Lahore to tell reporters that they (attackers) were ‘hired assassins’ but did not expose those behind these attacks. Even our security agencies have enough evidences to prove and expose those behind the recent terror strikes.
Where is the political leadership? Who will tell the nation the truth?
It is like an open secret that the terrorists are getting all kinds of support from Afghanistan. Pakistan must have to review its policy toward Afghanistan and the unconditional support being given by Pakistan to the NATO forces, which are silent while the Indians are recruiting Afghans and sending them into Pakistan to carry out terror attacks.
Pakistan should immediately cut the supply line of NATO forces and summon the US ambassador in Pakistan to explain her position. There are also strong reports that the USA after its failure in Afghanistan is pushing the war inside Pakistan.
Everybody in the City is terrified. We cannot tolerate such a situation. We, as a nation, can afford all kinds of sanctions, but will not accept the controversial Kerry Lugar Bill. How will we respond to the loss of our innocent Pakistani lived when we refuse to identify our enemies?


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