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LAHORE: SIM information system launched by PTA

Pakistan Telecomm-unication Authority (PTA) organised telecom consumer forum with a theme “Together for Consumer Rights” here on Thursday.

Secretary IT and Telecom, Naguib Ullah Malik was the chief guest while Chairman PTA, Dr Mohammed Yaseen presided over the Forum.

In this event, the secretary IT formally inaugurated a new service named “SIM Information System – 668” introduced by PTA to enable the mobile subscribers to know the total number of SIMs issued against their respective CNIC number with each mobile operator.

Naghuib Ullah Malik said that government was facilitating telecom industry so that it continues to grow. He said that the government wanted development in the telecom sector which was growing at a fast pace during last few years.

While talking about “SIM Information System – 668” he appreciated this initiative taken by the PTA and said that it was crucial to safeguard communication systems so that they could not fall into wrong hands and for that purpose this new system introduced by the PTA would play an effective role.

He said that every mobile user could know number of SIMs issued against his CNIC with the mobile company name by sending his CNIC number without dashes and spaces to 668 through SMS. Rs 2 will be charged on each SMS, which was inclusive of all taxes. In case of unauthorized numbers against his CNIC number, a consumer could get the data corrected from the concerned mobile operator’s Customer Services Center.\10\16\story_16-10-2009_pg5_11

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