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ISLAMABAD: Shakarparian may make it to Guinness Book

* Garden is single largest place where 112 trees were planted by world leaders, claims CDA member environment

About 112 saplings have so far been planted in Shakarparian here by visiting foreign dignitaries since 1964, CDA Member Environment Mazhar Hussain said on Monday.

Talking to a private TV channel, he said the civic body was considering to apply for inclusion of the name of Shakarparian Tree Garden in Guinness Book of World Records as a single largest tree garden where maximum number of saplings had been planted by famous world leaders.

Hussain said no tree garden exists anywhere in the world in which such a huge number of trees had been planted by foreign leaders.

Chinese leaders were on top as they planted the maximum number of trees in the garden, he said.

The first sapling was implanted here in February 21, 1964 by Chinese Prime Minister Zhouenlai, followed by King Faisal of Saudi Arabia who implanted a sapling here on April 21, 1966, he said.

Other world leaders having trees with their name plates include US President George Bush Senior, Defunct USSR President Kosygin, French President Mitterrand, Shah Abdullah of Saudia, Iranian President Hashmi Rafsanjani,

UAE President Sheikh Zaid Bin Sultan Alnehan, Amir Kuwait Sheikh Jabbar, Bangladesh President Zia ur Rehman and his wife PM Khalida Zia and scores of others. Unfortunately, this tradition came to a halt two years ago as no sapling has been planted here since December 27, 2007. Afghan President Hamid Karzai was the last to plant a sapling here. app

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