Actions are never without reasons. Hidden motives, concealed intentions and veiled objectives give birth to conspiracies. The coward terrorist attacks on the GHQ , Rawalpindi ,  are also a masterly fabricated conspiracy; salute to the armed forces of Pakistan who very successfully demonstrated all their skill and competence and exposed the brutal intentions  of so many ‘Allied Forces’ by awarding them an exemplary defeat.

 In the past two weeks the terrorist activities in Pakistan have become more vibrant and more hostile. Consecutive suicide bombing in Peshawar, Matta, Shangla and a very well planned attempt on the Army General Head Quarters on the 10th of October, 2009, all these events are very much alarming. When we look back at the past one and a half year, we find a very strange series of events and incidents which can be very logically linked together. It seems that so many unseen forces with a common agenda have joined hands to give Pakistan a tough time. The story beginning from the Mumbai attacks moved to the K.Santhanam episode. This honorable nuclear scientist had been a director for Indian Nuclear Test Site Preparation program 1998 ; after a long period of almost eleven years , he started trumpeting the need of  new nuclear tests claiming the old ones not up to the mark.. Taking advantage of the Mumbai blasts, the Indian government started proclaiming that India is constantly under a threat because of the extremists and militants fighting in the tribal areas of Pakistan. It stressed the need of more nuclear tests to enhance its abilities and strength to counter the militants if they proceed to Indian Territory. The US authorities, feeling a stubborn change in the Indian behavior, tried to increase their pressure on Pakistan to pacify India because more nuclear tests on Indian lands can never be very much soothing for the USA. In the course of time the armed forces of Pakistan remained busy in tackling with the terrorists with an iron hand in Swat and the adjacent areas. During the operation against the militants Pakistan had to face a very large scale migration of the people of Swat to the other cities of Pakistan. This internal and temporary displacement of the people was greater than any other trial not only for these people but also for the government of Pakistan. It was again the Pakistan Army which had to help out the government in the rehabilitation of these IDPs. Feeling the increasing pressure on the Pakistan Army as well as on the government of Pakistan, India decided to take full advantage of the situation and started increasing the deployment of its troops along the India-Pakistan borders. At the same time Indian forces in the Indian Occupied Kashmir began to crush the Independence movement more violently. During the operation clean up in Swat, the security forces of Pakistan came by many solid proofs of Indian involvement in the area. The Taliban Diaries and the Indian Branded ammunition discovered from the possession of the arrested miscreants provided the security agencies with a proof that India was supporting the terrorists in all possible manners. It also came to light that the disturbing situation in Balochistan was also a handy work of Indian agents.  In short, all this was a conspiracy of destabilizing Pakistan. India wanted to enhance its nuclear capability against the will of the USA and for this purpose it staged the drama of Mumbai Blasts, blamed Pakistan for it; supported the militants in FATA; financed the separatists in Balochistan and on the other hand kept on wailing that it is continuously facing a threat from the increasing militancy in Pakistan. By playing this game India was expecting to kill so many birds with one stone, but the armed forces of Pakistan did not let India succeed in its ulterior motives. The recent attacks on the GHQ are also being taken as another futile attempt of demoralizing Pakistan Army and depriving it of a strong national support.  By the grace of God Almighty, the said attacks added not only to the morale of the army but also to the national support and affection towards the army. 

Ignoring the increasing poverty rate and growing discontentment of its poor people, India is wasting all of its resources in the name of nuclear research and testing whereas the common man of India is always worried about his one time’s meal and medicine. According to the media reports, the undue desire of nuclear advancement does not belong to the Indian nation. Most of the Indian people are peace loving and friendly. They are never in favour of conflicting relationship with the neighboring countries. The actual miscreants are those handful politicians and government officials who have their own personal interests hidden behind the plans of nuclear advancement. It has been reported by western media that there is a significant increase in corruption scandals involving Indian and Israeli defense industries and government officials from both sides. In 2008, there was a credible evidence of malpractice in the Indo-Israel medium range surface –to-air missiles deal worth two billion dollars. Indian opposition parties had been demanding a probe into the matter, alleging that state-owned Israeli Aerospace Industries bribed the Indian officials to secure the deal. The opposition parties claim that the Israeli firm paid out 120 million dollars to win the deal. A section of the Indian military was also opposed to this contract, arguing that it could prove a death knell to the Indian efforts to build its own surface-to-air missiles for which hundreds of millions of dollars have already been spent.

 Indian must review its policies regarding its nuclear program and its relations with the neighboring countries. This world needs peace not war. The blazing fire in our neighborhood is not going to spare our home. Instead of enjoying the sky-kissing flames, we must try our best to extinguish the fire. And above all, a handful of selfish people must not be allowed to distort and deform the face of the whole nation.

 The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on national and international strategic and defense affairs.


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