10th October, 2009; an unforgettable day in the history of terrorism, would always make the world realize that Pakistan is facing the worst consequences of terrorism. The terrorist attacks on the GHQ in Rawalpindi are the worst example of terrorism. Though the security forces of Pakistan very successfully proved their skill and competence by defeating the terrorists but even then such type of incidents must be an eye opener to the international world. The time chosen for this attack and the expertise of the terrorists provides us with a lot of food for thought. Who could be behind the scene; who could be the motivator and who could be the facilitator and above all who is going to get the benefit out of this mess? Surely all these are very easy questions to answer. The recent attacks on the GHQ could be a warning to the armed forces of Pakistan who are planning to start an operation clean up in the South Waziristan ; the last resort of the terrorists. There is another possibility that the RAW has planned these attacks to spread an impression throughout the world that Pakistan is an unsafe state and its nuclear assets are always in reach of the terrorists.

When we analyze these two possibilities the first one seems quite out of place because the terrorists in the tribal areas of Pakistan are no more in a position to launch such a well-planned and organized activity. During the last few months, the security agencies of Pakistan have very successfully crushed and crumpled all their strength and force with an iron hand. The first rank leadership of these so called terrorists has gone to the other world, the remaining ones have surrendered before the security forces and some others have decided to be loyal to the state of Pakistan admitting that they had been misguided by their leaders. In short no one among them has a capability of confronting with the armed forces of Pakistan. Now the second possibility is of the involvement of Raw in the GHQ attacks.

India has always reacted as a stubborn child whenever its feels any American inclination towards Pakistan. The recent Kerry Lugar bill could be one of the heart pinching realities for India. Although this bill is being criticized by some of the Pakistani factions of society for its objectionable clauses regarding the Pakistan army and the intelligence agencies, yet this bill is going to prove itself a strong favour and support for Pakistan in near future. By getting an aid of 1.5 billion dollars every year Pakistan would be able to solve many of its economic problems. If the objectionable clauses are removed away, this bill would strengthen the Pak-American relations .This all-well situation is certainly not very pleasing for India. Now India wants to create hurdles so that this bill may not reach to final. The attacks on the GHQ are nothing but an attempt to promote harassment and fear throughout the world that America is not taking a wise step by planning to help people of Pakistan through the Kerry Lugar bill. There could be another objective behind these attacks; to tell the world that Pakistan Army has not succeeded in crushing the terrorists. India wants to nullify the claims of Pakistan that it is doing its best against the menace of terrorism. The main objective behind all this activity is to distort Pak-US relations which are getting better day by day.

The terrorists attacked the GHQ buildings in a very skillful manner. The attackers were very well equipped and immaculately trained. It was simply a very tactfully designed commando action. The attackers did not seem to be amongst the terrorists who had been trying to avoid the security agencies in the tribal areas of Pakistan for the last few months. These attacks had a great resemblance with the attacks on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore which were linked to the Tamil Tigers working in Sri Lanka under the guidance of the Raw. Pakistan had lent a helping hand to the Sri Lankan government in crushing the LTTE terrorist activities and the Indian government was not happy over this help. The Raw agents in collaboration with the extremists working in Swat planned to teach a lesson to the government of Pakistan by attacking the Sri Lankan Team. Now the same story is being repeated.

India is mistaken in its judgment that terrorist activities can frighten the people of Pakistan or the government of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are moderate, peace-loving and forward looking. They hate and reject any kind of extremism. The war our security forces are fighting against terrorists is not just our government’s war but the people of Pakistan are giving their fullest backing to it. They are sick of this war and war mongers. They want extremism and the extremists eliminated and expelled from their soil. Our security forces, intelligence agencies, the government and the people – all are equally engaged in the unending fight against terror. We have a lot of courage and determination. We are a nation not a crowd .We believe in unity and integrity. When we call us the American ally in the war against terror, we mean it. Every Pakistani is a soldier, eager to sacrifice his life for this land of pure passions. The world must be sure that we would never let anyone achieve his nefarious designs in this region.

The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on national and international strategic and defense affairs. He can be contacted at alisukhanver@hotmail.com


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    Paying back in the same coin is the right way to deal with Pakistan, and the time is just right for that.

    India’s response to Pak sponsored terrorism in India has come late, never the less it has arrived !

    Now, it is Pakistan’s turn to have a good taste of its own medicine…. !

    This is just the beginning….. the Pakistanis will see a lot more fire works in the coming years.

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