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javed f3The concept of a newsletter more particularly of a departmental one is to keep the readers or the concerned updated soonest possible. We have as a fashion started wasting money on too costly websites without caring to study if those who were to use them are remotely capable of using it or trying to change users mindset.  The Federal Ombudsman recently changed, in fact what the nation was told “improved” its website.  The citizens were given a Khush Khabri that a quarterly newsletter has been introduced.  The first issue for the quarter January-March 2009 was issued mid February.  Till today the 7th October 2009 Mashallah the same newspaper still is there.

  Once taking the postal rates from the Pakistan Post Office website I mailed some letters.  My every recipient had to pay penalty as the said rates turned out more than 2 years old.  I approached the Federal Ombudsman that I suffered due to inefficiency of the postal department hence I may be refunded this penalty for the own fault of the Department charged.  The Federal Ombudsman turned down my said complaint on the ground that it was  complaint of a generalized nature.  I could not understand how it was a generalized complaint when I had submitted copies of delivered envelopes having stamps of “Due”.  Today all of a sudden I have understood why not keeping updating and displaying two years old postal rate on the official website was not an act of mal administration and that I was really a food having expected refund. What I am going to add in the next paragraph is a point to ponder for the serious citizens and researchers that what happened when those on whose burden ALLAH has out the duty to remain judicious and fair when deciding lean towards one party and what happens when decisions are made on the basis of doctrine of necessity.  Reading the paragraph next will clearly show when one is given undue favour and eyes are closed from the wrongs of elite then how such decisions make such elite/powerful fearless of any accountability with the result same wrong done keep continue as we see today in our national life. 


A Pakistan Post Office website print out taken today Wednesday 07 October 2009 on the “Proft Rate for Regular Income Certificates” is before me. The website is of the same postal department which displayed two years old postal rates and the then Ombudsman did not find it an issue of formal complaint.   On a sum of Rs. 100,000 invested according to this website and print out  the profit is Rs.  1250/- per month whereas another print out on the same very Regular Income scheme taken simultaneously at the same time from the National Savings website stipulates the rate of profit at Rs. 960/- per month. The Post Office Department this Profit Rate displayed today on 7th October 2009 is as was on 01 December 2008.  The Government last down ward revised this rate on 1st April 2009 which in other words simply means right under a newly created Federal Minister for Post Offices and an unnecessarily created Federal Postal Ministry; no one has felt his duty during all these more than 05 long months just update the information which hardly takes 5 minutes.    Now the question is depending on this website information if one invests Rs. 100,000 hoping to get Rs. 1250/- from the post office but he gets only Rs. 960/- on the plea that those displayed rates were old would it not be a cheating from a government department and would it be a complaint of generalized nature if one raises the issue?  Had then a serious note been taken in my case and a penalty got refunded to me I am sure there must had been some effect today.  The Post Office Department today has a separate Ministry, a Separate Minister, tall claims like purchasing own planes for carrying mail but on the other hand its efficiency is that in 6 months no webmaster or concerned has any time to update the site which takes hardly 2 minutes.  It takes hardly 20 minutes to change and update a departmental news letter as newsletters mostly contain summary of important happenings and these in shape of clippings are always kept ready.  8 months, no change of News, wonderful.

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