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UK’s office in Abu Dhabi turns down visa applications of 1,000 Pak students

By Khalid Khattak

LAHORE: Delay in issuance of visas is causing serious problems for Pakistani students planning to start studies in the UK during October and the delay has also made it impossible for them to make other choices.

It is certainly high-time for universities in the UK interested in genuine Pakistani students to wake up as they need to take a fresh look at their system. These views were expressed by renowned educationist and educational consultant, Syed Abidi, while talking to The News on Thursday.

Explaining the delay, he said before shifting the UK visa office from Islamabad to Abu Dhabi almost a year ago, the British High Commission (BHC) in Islamabad used to process and deliver visas within 20 working days. This duration has now increased up to three months, he added.

Decisions made in August in Abu Dhabi were communicated to Islamabad in October, making it impossible for students to make alternate decisions. He said hundreds of visas already issued in Abu Dhabi were not communicated in time to the high commission in Islamabad, which was responsible for printing and delivering passports to students. He said more than 1,000 genuine students had been refused visa on weak grounds mostly because enclosed documentations were not properly read.

5 thoughts on “UK’s office in Abu Dhabi turns down visa applications of 1,000 Pak students”

  1. i have applied recently for general visit visa on way my trip to USA,my application was declined by the ECO,it was really surprising decision and caused a great disappointment,I am self employed and running a company and have status as a partner there and traveled to different countries on
    business/delegate/conference and on holidays as well,the grounds relates at refusal letter were contradicting.

    I am seeking adminstrrative review on my application,i need the addressee details for this application.

  2. W. Shah Says:
    Delay in British visas
    I have been reading stories in different newspapers about visa delays by British High Commission Islamabad and UK Home Secretary Alan Johnson has meet President Zardari and PM Yusuf Raza Gilani and this issue been raised by them. However one is dismayed to note that they have been mostly talking about students visa and business visas etc.
    I just want to appeal to British High Commission and Mr Alan Johnson Home Sectary UK that there are some other type as well, such as settlement visa and allowed appeal cases etc.
    We are victim of these delays as well. Our appeals have been allowed by Asylum and Immigration Tribunal UK. Many people are waiting for so many months for a call and some are waiting for their passport back. I am victim of this process as well I have re submitted my passport and it was 3 months ago. There are people in worse condition too. I know some people who have been waiting for more then 6 months without a reply. We are away from our families and partners for a long time as it took more than a year for appeal. It is indefensible for the British High Commission to take so long just to stamp a visa.
    And more worrisome is that there is no time frame for such of cases. If we call Gerry’s they say time frame is INDEFINITE which is totally unfair. This inordinate delay has even broken many marriages. There are some unfortunate persons who in accordance with requirements of law submitted TB certificate with their applications. If six months elapse the application is liable to be returned for a fresh TB certificate which is very bothersome. This is absolutely unfair.
    It is good to learn that the British High Commission has a mind to clear the backlog. I am sure the authorities in British High Commission will take a compassionate view of all visa cases.
    W. Shah

  3. I have appealed for the settlement visa. My wife has had a court hearing on the 31/03/2009 of March and
    Thanks God we were successful, issue. And after that I submit my passport on {21 of May 2009} so now I am waiting more then four months since I have got called letter. But I do not understand if some one won the case and after that they wait more then four months. I don’t know why that much waits just for visa. This is absolutely shit guys this waiting makes my crazy guys. How long we have to wait this is really fed up me. stay at home think about visa from 4 months today I will get call from Gerry office or tomorrow this today and tomorrow makes me Ill. I email them I called them but no body cares about us. they want make us like we can ask for visa like poor guys please give me visa please give me visa they just play with us. In 4 month they not complete my process so when they will complete my process guys. In 12 of November it will be my TB certificate expiring too. I am really really depressed about this situation. It’s a really hard to wait. Lets guys please give some nice advice what should I do or no just wait. There is any one in the same situation or no just me guys.

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