British Home Secretary commits to providing an efficient visa service in Pakistan

During his visit to Pakistan the British Home Secretary Alan Johnson assured the Pakistan Government that the UK Border Agency is committed to providing an efficient visa service to its customers and is working hard to reduce visa processing times. He said he recognised and regretted the distress that had been caused to legitimate applicants due to IT problems experienced during the summer. During his visit to Pakistan, Mr Johnson toured the UK Border Agency offices in Islamabad and was reassured by staff that they will be able to reduce the waiting time for visa applications to 15 working days in November, in line with global customer service standards. The Home Secretary said “We have introduced tough checks around the world for anyone applying for a visa to enter the UK, with applications checked for fraud and forgery, with individuals fingerprinted and checked against a range of watch-lists. We have also taken every step to ensure the rules are clear, with advice on the application process is available on our website.”

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  1. WHAT ARE the chances of getting visa after your appeal get approved.

    I submitted my pp in June 09 from now i am still waiting,

    i email them and got reply from abu duabi,

    Your application is currently being processed in Islamabad and a decision will be made shortly.

    You can continue to monitor the progress of your application by checking the VAC’s website at:

    Thank you for your patience

    Visa Correspondence Team

    British Embassy, Abu Dhabi

    Any idea how long it take?????????????

    1. @saima, sallamzz sis i wish i could help u in ur situation but Ive appealed last week can u tell me how long it took to get ur appeal heard and the whole process please it would be really help full thanks

    2. @saima, @saima, dear same case here, received the same email 4m abudahbi. they told me that they have processed my application in abudhabi and i shud contact to VAC. my case was student visa. i also submitted my pp in june 2009. still waitin and waitin plz help me out by givin some suggestion. thanks Waqas

  2. salm all what happened why did u all stooop writing did every one got visa or u all are buzzy in something hope to get new replys
    May Allah Bless U All With VISA Amen

  3. i received UK spouse visa for my wife and for my 3 daughters in Islamabad Pakistan. I checked all the particulars of visas and found correct but there was a problem in the spelling of my youngest daughter name printed on her visa.

    after a month i got reply from embassy to re-submit my daughter passport so they will correct the mistake. i re-submitted the passport on 4th january 2010 now is there any one who can tell me that how much time they will take to correct the problem and send me the passport back.

    1. @Khalid,
      Bhai they shouldn’t take more then a week, dont what they do , when i submit my passport next day they stamped visa. Allah KaRAM KARE GA BHAI

  4. Hello frndz
    i am Saqib
    i submit my student visa tier4 on 10th november2009
    i am waiting for the call to collect my passport
    its almost more than 3 months
    can any one hav idea how mch time they will take
    PLZ pray for me

        1. @SS, not yet
          em regularly checking at the website , my case is fwded to OC islamabad
          i dont knw how mch time they take
          saima had you recieved any responce

  5. salaam to all i hav submitt my student visa case on 18th jan 2010.. and on vac my status is ”your application forwaded to islamabad oc”… my classes wil start on 26 feb.. can any one plz tel me wot does islamabad oc mean???? n how long i hav to wait more??

  6. Ali bhai i think embassy would ask u to send new admission letter from a registered college coz ab to bhai college ka license # print hota a visa per . so i think visa mil gaye ga but we should wait and pray from Allah. take care and keep in touch

  7. brother Asif could u plz let us know about further progress on ur case as we r in similar situation .today after 5 months of waiting we received a letter from BHc asking us to resubmit new passport as they have lost my mother passport .she was applied 6 months visit visa on 14sep2009. or any one else in similar situation plz advise.

    1. @mrs usman,
      Sorry to hear they too have lost your passport.

      In my case once I found out (after 7 months of waiting!) I applied for a new passport on urgent basis (they will repay you the fees) & then resubmitted that to BHC Islamabad. They processed it in days only & returned it to me. They stamp the same decision on it that they made against your old passport.

      In my case it was a refusal! I waited over 7 months to be told this. Refusal was made 21st June 2009 & for stupid reasons that are no longer valid today as my circumstances different.

      Today I have resubmiited a new application for Business visa & hopefully will be successful this time.

      Good Luck as regards your application.

      Does anyone know the current processing times?

      1. @asif, Thank you very much for your reply. Well we were happy that if they have asked for a new passport it might be that they are issuing visa. But as per your experience it could be a refusal. So lets see..

  8. ali bro when u submit ur passport ur college was on not on the list so why dont u not try in getting admission in another college who is in tier4. may be we get visa , however May Allah help us in that situation . keep in touch if u receive any decision form embassy.take care

    1. @kashif, bro my college was on the list and how can i change my college now coz i have aready submitted my doc on 26 NOV.2009 so may doc are already in embassy for more then 2 months

        1. @kashif, hi yaar my classes date was 27 jan 2010 but i have called my college they have told me that they will arange some catch up classes for me if i can arrive up to march 2010 so hope i will get my passport before that any ways what is ur college name coz my college AA HAMILTON COLLEGE LONDON it was on the tier 4 list in last year but now in FEB when the UK ORDER AGENCY upload the new list it was suspended and till the suspention is not lifted i will not get my pp back my appliction is put on hold for the suspention case is solved
          plz kindly tell me any up date about ur PP and college name

  9. @a father, hi sir i feel very sorry for you but an i ask u a question was ur case appeal win and after winin the appeal from uk court u got again rejacted or this is of my stupid mind i cant understand u case coz i have heared that if ur case is allowed on ur side and the onle chance they got to rejact is within 28days after the decion was made PLZ CLEAR UR CASE FOR THOSE HOW HAS STUPID MIND LIKE MINE

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