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British Home Secretary commits to providing an efficient visa service in Pakistan

During his visit to Pakistan the British Home Secretary Alan Johnson assured the Pakistan Government that the UK Border Agency is committed to providing an efficient visa service to its customers and is working hard to reduce visa processing times. He said he recognised and regretted the distress that had been caused to legitimate applicants due to IT problems experienced during the summer. During his visit to Pakistan, Mr Johnson toured the UK Border Agency offices in Islamabad and was reassured by staff that they will be able to reduce the waiting time for visa applications to 15 working days in November, in line with global customer service standards. The Home Secretary said “We have introduced tough checks around the world for anyone applying for a visa to enter the UK, with applications checked for fraud and forgery, with individuals fingerprinted and checked against a range of watch-lists. We have also taken every step to ensure the rules are clear, with advice on the application process is available on our website.”

933 thoughts on “British Home Secretary commits to providing an efficient visa service in Pakistan”

  1. sallam ,i have submit my pp along with
    my two kids pp on 3rd of feb but not receive pp yet .received call letter after a long wait and now wait for pp.Q Raza bahi some people like me not lucky enough like u brother .

  2. Asalam o ALykum to All Forum Mates

    Won the HSMP appeal and re-applied for Entry clearance in the start of Dec 2009, Received a call from BHC in Mid December 2009 from this number 051-2012000 that the HSMP approval letter you have submitted is expired and you need to submit a new HSMP Approval Letter to BHC Islamabad. I tried to convince/tell many people got their visa stamped with the expired HSMP approval letter, the letter expired due to the appeal decision delay and quoted some of my colleagues example but he said that you have to provide the fresh HSMP approval letter

    So I applied for the reprint of the HSMP letter to the HSMP Team and despatched my all the relevant documents to the the Home Office though DHL courier , telephoned them in the start of Jan 2010 and told that my documents were received before Christmas so please issue me the reprint.

    I continued to call them about thrice a week and they said that they have not received my documents , I told them the exact date and the name of the person who collected the documents and signed and their answer was that we are not denying that that you have not sent but we have not received and our computer system is not updating the status that your application for reprint has been received.

    After that I faxed may application and other relevant documents (9 pages) about 4 times still they said that system is not updating that my application is received. After that around Mid February 2010 I called them and at the same time faxed the application along with documents and then the person said that you application is received .

    I received the Reprint of HSMP approval letter by post and have submitted the original reprint of HSMP Approval letter to BHC Islamabad through TCS.

    I applied for HSMP in 2006 when the score was required was 65.

    I am totally unaware about the

    1) Current processing times
    2) After how much time I will receive my passport back.
    3) My passport to expire in end Aug 2010.
    4) Should I email

    Abu Dhabi BHC email address
    Islamabad BHC emails

    What to do ? Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad

    Forum members suggestion/advise will be highly appreciated.



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