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I will defend myself in Pakistani court: Musharraf

musharrafFormer president Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday said he would defend himself in Pakistani courts and his lawyers were reviewing the detailed verdict of the Supreme Court regarding his imposition of emergency rule on November 3, 2007, a private TV channel reported.

According to the channel, the former president said he was ready to face all charges levelled against him in court, as he commented on the Supreme Court terming his November 3, 2007 actions unconstitutional and unpardonable.

Also, former Pakistan Cricket Board chairman and close Musharraf confidant Dr Nasim Ashraf told the channel that Musharraf had decided to defend himself if a case was registered against him.

Ashraf President Asif Ali Zardari had not met Musharraf, either in New York or Washington.

He said US lawmakers had warmly welcomed Musharraf during his visit to the US Congress.

Ashraf said, the US lawmakers discussed several issues, including the Afghan situation, with Musharraf during their meetings. He said Musharraf had also advised US leaders not to interfere in Pakistan’s internal matters. Daily Times

1 thought on “I will defend myself in Pakistani court: Musharraf”

  1. Musharraf did alot of good things when he first tookover from Nawaz Shareef but as the time went on he started becoming worse and worse by doing things which he shouldnt as the president. In the last period of his presidency he took pakistan to the verge of distruction and whatever is happening now is because of him. He has to face the law now and he must be thought a lesson so that our future politicions learn a lesson from him.

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