ISLAMABAD: British Council opens Chevening Scholarship for applications

Associated Press of Pakistan, 24th September 2009

The British Council has opened British Chevening Scholarship for enabling future leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers from around the world to become familiar with the UK to gain new skills, or update current professional skills. The last date for submission of forms is Sunday, October 4th 2009. The Chevening programme currently provides around 2,300 new scholarships each year for postgraduate studies or research at UK institutions of higher education.

Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and administered by the British Council, the scholarship is a prestigious award that enables overseas students to study in the United Kingdom.

Scholarships are offered in over 150 countries for talented graduates and young professionals to become familiar with the UK and gain skills which will benefit their countries.

The ultimate objective is to benefit their countries upon their return.

In Pakistan scholarships are awarded to Pakistani nationals of high intellectual ability who will play a formative role in Pakistan’s development.

Pakistani applicants for Chevening scholarships can apply on-line for the following subjects:

International and social development, management (except MBA), International Security, Interfaith Studies, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Public Administration, International Conflict, Public Sector Reform, Media and Communication, Law and Judicial Reform Governance and Democracy, Environment and Climate Change and Economics.

The scholarships are for one year postgraduate study in the UK and cover the full cost of study in the UK, said a statement issued here on Thursday.

The criteria for the scholarship is a Masters’ degree or a four-year Bachelors degree from any recognized university in Pakistan or the equivalent form an overseas institution, minimum of three years of work experience, the applicant must be Pakistani citizens. Dual nationals are not eligible, the applicant must not have received in the past three years any British government funded academic award.

The application form can be downloaded from

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