By Mir Akbar (An illiterate hotel worker Bahrain)
Last month an Overseas Pakistanis website captioned “CM Punjab no more Khadem-e-aala but now a Chief Minister”. Its meaning I could only understand when yesterday I myself tasted it by getting a letter from the Khadem-e-aala Secretariat. It also confirmed a general belief that these are only columnists, the professional columnists, who for some obvious interests join a group either for drum beating one particular leader of their choice or targeting the other one. During the last one year except for 2-3 months early this year there must had be hundreds and hundreds columns trying to prove that the CM Punjab was the only strong good administrator in the country only who can turn the country into a heaven.
In 1993 an advertisement appeared from Central Development Promotion Programme having an office in Islamabad for a housing project “ New Islamabad City ” situate village Ladlan, Chukri Road , Tehsil Rawalpindi. It quoted a Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) NOC reference. While the project owner advertised it in 1993, after complete 7 years, as is usual with our all development agencies, in 2000 RDA through a newspaper notice cautioned people not to invest in this scheme. The matter was taken with each new President, each new Prime Minister, each new CM Punjab but no response was ever received. The Federal Ombudsman regretting its inability to pursue the issue being a provincial matter however in his Order dated 10 May 2000 observed that “prime facie (he underlined these two words in his Order), however, Rawalpindi Development Authority appears to be responsible for not taking action against the sponsor of the project who had issued advertisement without clearance of the project. The Federal Ombudsman further added that it has been observed by his office more than once that delay by the executive authorities in taking action against such persons or companies which through fraudulent means fleece the innocent citizens itself tantamount to mal-administration. When the matter was taken with the Punjab Ombudsman as advised by the Federal Ombudsman, in 2001 the Dy. Commissioner Rawalpindi submitted a report to the Punjab Ombudsman that “the owner as well as its housing scheme is no doubt fraudulent and fake” One may not believe that the protector of citizens rights the Punjab Ombudsman contrary to the Federal Ombudsman feeling sympathies with the aggrieved, on receipt of this official report from DC merely forwarded it to the complaint this poor hotel waiter without any decision, order or instruction closed the case. One may not believe that very “mysteriously” both the Punjab Ombudsman and the DC never felt it their duty on finding a fraud to further investigate and take action against the culprits.

Recently when drums were beaten that the Khadam-e-aala has opened a special complaint cell in his office for the love of Overseas Pakistanis I approached him. My particular request was a question to investigate as to what sweetener kept the RDA high ups tight lipped that when the builder wrongly misguided its NOC reference fooling the public why the very next day it did not jump and cautioned the public but only after 7 long years thus ensuring that enough money gets into the pocket of builders.

“Khadem-e-aala” must be I believe really a public spirited leader wishing to help the common man but he should not forget that alone he cannot do anything unless each member of the team he has with him is equally public spirited. With the present lot, tasting a peace out of the lot namely the Director CM Complaint Cell without any hesitation it can be said the “khadam-e-aalla” will not be able to deliver except for developments like new roads etc. The Director vide his letter without any reference or date has sent me copies of page saying “the Report is for your information”. For the “information” of an illiterate labourer and only for information.
The Director Khadam-e-aal complaint cell forward my communication to different authorities and in return he received responses from Physical Planning Division Punjab, Municipal Town Committee Phothar, RDA, Zuka Council, Commissioner Rawalpindi and this and that each one just conveying the project or its site the “Chukri Road” was none of their jurisdiction. The Director Khadam-e-aala appearing to be from the mentally bankrupt bureaucracy lot had no sense that he was asking the report on behalf of the Head of the Province hence he should have a bit conscious and the courage to pick up the phone and ask RDA head to give answer to a million worth question that when the owner quoted a false RDA NOC in his advertisement why the hell RDA head remained sleeping for 7 years to let the people be looted.
Reading all these pages it appears the Chukri Road Rawalpindi is not in Punjab but some where in Israel or within the jurisdiction of Salman Taseer. There are dozens of On Line complaint cells established on huge cost but all appear to be bogus show pieces only. Sending any email to Chief Secretary Punjab comes back. May it be rule of Pervaiz Elahi, Darwaish CM Ghulam Hussain Arain or Khadam-e-aala the bureaucracy has its own game fooling each chief minister and fate of the common man going more worst. Two days back the column of Rauf Kalasra quoted a Barrister saying when recently he phone Samanabad Police Station Faisalablad, the Police allegedly advised him to contact the brother-in-law of the Punjab Law Minister for muk-mukaoo as it (the police) can not itself do anything. Rauf Kalasra questioned the too strong good administration in Punjab so much talked about.


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