Islamabad: OPF to issue 2,000 allotment letters on 16th September 2009

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) housing scheme would hand-over the 2,000 allotment letters along with plot numbers to the applicants here on September 16.

An official source told APP, on Saturday, he said that 30 percent the work of development has been completed and 70 percent work would be finalized by the end of March, 2011.

He said that 30 percent amount has been collected advance from the overseas Pakistanis.

In phase I, 1,200 plots and in phase II, 845 plots would be allotted to their applicants, and adding that no extra applications were received to the OPF, which is good news for the all applied applicants without any balloting would received their plots number.

He said that the response of overseas Pakistanis shows their great faith and trust in the present democratic government and the ministry is very thankful to the overseas Pakistanis for their trust.

He informed that those overseas Pakistanis/allottees who were allotted plots in the scheme a few years back would also get the formal allotment letters along with the plots numbers.

He said that ministry would resolve all the problems of overseas Pakistanis on the priority basis and provide them relief as they deserve.

Associated Press of Pakistan

9 thoughts on “Islamabad: OPF to issue 2,000 allotment letters on 16th September 2009”

  1. Here is the updated statistics on OPF announcements for allotments of plots so far:
    1st announcement was on Aug 14th, 2nd Aug 21st, 3rd Sep 16th, forth during October 2009 (two weeks after Eid), sixth November 02, 2009 and now 7th on November 7th, 2009. Lets wait for the next announcement on 7th. Best of luck to all.

  2. You have a point. The whole story is that OPF was suppose to do balloting along with allotment of plots in all categories but they did balloting for 2000 square feet plots on 16th and have postponed balloting (for allotment of plot number) for all other categories. In other words all applicants under 2000 square feet are successful but have to wait for the allotment letter which is now scheduled two weeks after Eid.
    FYI- 1st announcement was on Aug 14th, 2nd Aug 21st, 3rd Sep 16th and now forth during October 2009.

    1. Thanks Nabeel for explanation…meaning balloting for under 2000 sq.ft plots would be only for the plot#/cornerplot/west open etc etc, every applicant is sucessful.

      To Azher: Patience…this is Pakistani Ministry

  3. Well I simply can’t understand why OPF is extending this again and again? If this was in their mind that they gonna do all this balloting for only 2000 sq yds then why didnt they mention on their website? Well to be honest I never see happy any body with this organization. Look at the Minister sahab and the statement? “The Federal Minister for oversease Pakistanies has very graciously spared time to grace the occasion” Does his one hour time has more worth than billion of dollars invested by overseas? that is the reason people dont invest in Pakistan due to their policies. They only try to involve in only those projects where they can see their personal benifits.
    I wish if i could get a chance to speak to this Minister or someone in authority and then I will ask them to return every body’s money and give them the interest which went in their personal bank accounts since the first balloting date was decided.

  4. Nabil, I do not understand from where u got your info. On one hand u r writing that since only 2000sq.ft. applicants were more than the available plots, so balloting was done on Sep16th. For other plots…why balloting is needed if # of applicants are less than available plots!!!

  5. I understand OPF had balloting on 16th September but only for 2000 Square feet plots since numbers of applicants were more then number of plots in this category.

    OPF has again moved balloting for all other category now expected two weeks after the Eid-ul-Fitar. FYI this is the 4th tentative date OPF has announced for the balloting within past two months.

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