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 ‘Sophistication means the right choice of proper words at a proper place ‘says the world famous Pakistani linguist Dr.Nasir Jamal in one of his recent thesis on The Traditional Values of Languages in Cultural Hierarchy .He is presently serving at a university in Jeddah. A few years back he was awarded the degree of PhD by the Washington International University on his work regarding the teaching of English language in Third World Countries. The definition of sophistication by Dr. Nasir Jamal might be very close to reality in most of the cases but in some particular references the coining of proper words becomes a source of humiliation and disgrace for a sophisticated person. As we see the case of a very polite and cultured Indian politician Jaswant Singh, we get frightened. He is at present passing through the worst phase of his political career after appreciating Mr.Jinnah’s abilities and political skills in his recent book ‘Jinnah-India-Partition-Independence’. Congress and BJP both have not only criticized Jaswant Singh for praising Mr. Jinnah but also showed fierce political reaction by burning the copies of the said book and canceling his party membership as a punishment. It is not the first harsh reaction of BJP against its own leaders. Earlier L K Advani had also met the same fate for describing Quaid-e-Azam as a secular leader. The brutal attitude of the Indian politicians against Jaswant Singh has exposed Indian mindset against Pakistan and unveiled the real face of Indian democracy. Although Mr.Jaswant Singh is a man of very strong nerves yet the non-democratic attitude of his party may push him to a state of helpless depression. But all this hue and cry against Jaswant Singh is simply limited to a particular circle of Indian politicians; the hungry man of India has neither raised a protest nor shown any reaction on this superficial issue of Jaswant Singh.

Remarkably there is a hell of difference between the people of India and the government of India. The role of the people of India comes to an end after the casting of their votes. Most of the Indian politicians lose all their interest in their voters when they succeed in the elections. Diseases, hunger, joblessness, poor living conditions, judicial injustice and the police brutality; an Indian man in the street is always under the burden of such painful problems ,surrounded by the agonizing fears of tomorrow.. The politicians in the Parliament simply forget the needs and requirements of the wretched Indian people. Every day thousands of hungry Indians are compelled to spend their nights somewhere in the public parks, railway stations or on a foot path with nightmares of another coming day. The Indian policy makers don’t have any spare time to think about these miserable creatures because they are always busy in planning and attempting to do something which could shatter the peace and harmony of the region.

The recent revelation regarding the failure of the Indian nuclear tests in May 1998 is also one of such attempts. Reported by the Times of India, K. Santhanam, a senior scientist and the Indian defense researcher has said in a statement, ‘The last nuclear-weapon tests in May 1998 involved five weapons. The sole thermonuclear device to be tried was a “fizzle,” meaning its yield was lower than anticipated. Based upon the seismic measurements and expert opinion from world over, it is clear that the yield in the thermonuclear device test was much lower than what was claimed. That is why I assert that India needs more thermonuclear device tests. Moreover I suggest that India must not rush into signing the CTBT.’ On the other hand, India’s Atomic Energy commission chief Anil Kakodkar has  denied  that the country is planning any more tests. The Indian government has been saying since after the nuclear tests that the yield of the blast was 45 kilotons which is more than sufficient. All these statements are simply a pack of deliberate confusions which compels the observers to feel something rotten in the state of Denmark. India is trying to make the world realize that it badly needs some other nuclear tests.


The situation has given birth to so many suspicions in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is taking this statement of Santhanam as an indication pointing towards the expected new nuclear tests. In the first week of September Pakistan’s foreign ministry spokesman Abdul Basit said addressing a weekly press briefing, “We are disturbed by the reports that India might be considering additional tests,” India carried out nuclear tests on May 11 and 13, 1998 and Pakistan responded days later with six tit-for-tat tests, on May 28 and 30.If India had not carried out these tests Pakistan would never have responded to it. Now, if India is planning to conduct some more nuclear tests, Pakistan will also have to think of responding to them. In this way an endless new race of nuclear weapons is possible to pop-up resulting in bringing the two South Asian powers to the brink of a nuclear war.


The fact is that India needs no new nuclear tests .From the very beginning; the Indian nuclear program was ambitious and envisaged having a remarkable capability for covering the entire nuclear fuel cycle. Over the years, apart from nuclear reactors, India also developed facilities for mining Uranium, fabricating fuel, manufacturing heavy water, reprocessing spent fuel to extract Plutonium and, more recently, enriching Uranium. This fact is also very much obvious that the facilities constructed and expertise gained could be used for military purposes. The help and support of the countries like US and Canada added more fuel to the capability of Indian nuclear program.


Pakistan is already facing a lot of problems because of Indian hegemonic designs. India is spending all its sources on disturbing the law and order situation in Balochistan and FATA. It is desperately patronizing the so-called separatist movements in these areas by   financing and training the terrorist elements. On the other hand India is trying to choke Pakistan economically and turning Pakistan’s fertile lands into deserts by violating the Indus Water Treaty. It has reduced Pakistan’s share of water by constructing 60 dams on Indus, Jhelum and Chenab. Now, the Indian desire for more nuclear tests is going to prove more fatal and destructive not only for  Pakistan but for the whole region .Indian intentions to use her nuclear prowess for making weapons of mass destruction are very much clear. The world especially UNO and IAEA must take note of such Indian designs. India must not under-estimate its polite and cultured neighbours including Pakistan. It must keep in mind what happens when a gentleman turns into a rogue.

The writer is a Pakistan based bilingual analyst on national and international strategic and defense affairs.

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