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Student tier 4 visa applicants should ensure their chosen institution is on the tier 4 Sponsor Register when they submit their visa application. Applications made to attend institutions that have been suspended from the register will not be considered whilst the institution is under review. If you have a visa letter that you got before your approved education provider’s licence was suspended, and you have already been granted permission to enter the United Kingdom, but you have not yet travelled, you are advised not to travel until your educational institution’s status has been resolved. You are advised to check the sponsor’s register before you travel in case your sponsor’s status has changed. Please see the sponsor register at UK Border Agency’s website.

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  1. I am student of B.A


  3. sir iam inyersting eduction pls help me sir

  4. I am student of International Relations and want to study in UK so for this i need help….

  5. I am the student of International Relations and want to study in UK for this i need help…

  6. i am student o of engineering ,i have submitted my case for student visa on 23/12/09 but my case is still pending and did not reply me

    • @mushtaq ahmad, hi bhai i also applied 4 srudent visa on 05/11/2009 but i did’nt get any reply and its been 3 months 3 days.i dont know whats going on in embassy.

  7. Every student is crazy to come to UK but I must suggest that they must check existing conditions from their UK friends before applying/coming weihter they can survive or not because they are investing initially a lot of money which is a big amount for every middle class pakistani.

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  9. Hi Sir i am student of B.A i apply for uk study visa

  10. To All Student

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  11. hi,
    i am a student with multiple talents playing of instruments and also a computer wizard and i need help to uk for more knowledge on computer and other studies.

  12. i am a student with multiple talents. i play a lot of musical instruments, sing, make sounds and i am also a computer wizard. With his i want to upgrade my talent and knowledge and talent in the United Kingdom, so please help me out.

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