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shahbaz* Shahbaz’s title changed back to chief minister in appeals and advertisements

LAHORE: The media managers of the Punjab government have changed the nomenclature of the post of the province’s political head from ‘khadim-e-aala’ to chief minister (CM) in official advertisements.

Since the day of his swearing-in, CM Shahbaz Sharif officially directed the provincial media managers to write his designation as ‘khadim-e-aala’ in all official advertisements, to create the impression that he was really a public servant. The director general public relations (DGPR) started calling Shahbaz ‘khadim-e-aala Punjab’ in all official advertisements in newspapers. The CM’s picture was not published in such appeals and promotional advertisements.

Now, the DGPR has started using the official nomenclature of the Punjab CM in all advertisements published in newspapers. Sources in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) said party workers and critics did not welcome the replacement of the nomenclature. In an appeal published in the name of Shahbaz in newspapers on Wednesday, the title ‘chief minister’ was used in place of ‘khadim-e-aala’.

Iqbal Chaudhary, media adviser to former CM Pervaiz Elahi said the use of ‘khadim-e-aala’ was an attempt to deceive the public. He said the price hike and shortage of food items had exposed the Shahbaz government’s tall claims of serving the public, and the bureaucracy had now started using the title of chief minister in advertisements to avoid further embarrassment. DGPR Atta Muhammad Baloch was contacted for his comment. He replied “rest is one and the same thing” through SMS


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