Pakistan’s intercontinental missile underway

Technology to cover range of 7,000 Kms


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan, to increase its defensive capabilities, has started preparing intercontinental missile with a range of 7000 kilometers.

According to sources, the intercontinental missile has a range of 7000 kilometers and is capable of hitting its target falling within its range. The missile can contain nuclear as well as traditional warheads. The missile has been termed a significant milestone for the defence of the country and is believed to strengthen the defence. According to sources, the missile would soon be test fired.

PAF to get airborne refullers next year: Pakistan Air Force plans to induct four Chinese airborne refullers next year, in a move to counter the Indian Air Forces’ enhanced capabilities after New Delhi acquired six similar aircraft, an Indian news agency quoted the PAF chief as saying.

Air Chief Marshal Qamar Suleman underlined that the airborne refullers were necessary to match the IAF capabilities.

“This is an absolutely new capability which we are inducting. We never had this capability in the PAF,” Suleman added, maintaining, in order to match the IAF’s acquisition of the first of three Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS), the PAF would receive four Chinese systems between 2011 and 2012.

He also termed as “alarming” the IAF’s intention of purchasing 126 medium multi-role combat aircraft, saying Pakistan needed “to have something matching.

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