Lahoris refused visas for Glasgow

LAHORE: The UK Border Agency is said to have turned down up to 65 visa applications from three separate groups from Lahore planning to visit Glasgow. About half were members of the Patiala Pipe Band, based in Lahore, who were due to compete in the World Pipe Band Championships this weekend. Others were from the Lahore district government and the Lahore Chamber of Commerce. Lahore has been twinned with Glasgow since 2006. Hanzala Malik, executive member for international affairs at the Glasgow City Council pointed out that most of those refused entry had visited Scotland before. “Many of them are serious business people and movers and shakers of the Lahore government. This is embarrassing for us,” he said. Ian Embelton, chief executive of the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association, said “Obviously we are disappointed if any bands are unable to enter the country to compete, especially a band like Patiala that has been so colourful and entertaining. However, we can’t comment on the reasons why the visas were refused.” daily times

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