Assiya needs help

Hi guys:

This is Assiya. Is there anyone who can help me in guiding right way to reach cyber police lahore? I’m from Fsd my x-husband is bothering me . he not only has ruined my life now he is senging my pictures in all over the world while using my Hotmail  and yahoo address. he is basically a frud man and also selling 2# medicines in lahore Slamat Pura while preparing in his home. He sits on net all the night also doing other crimes. he is searching working ladies and then he is robbing them w the help of his wife/ children. he has no home degree but he is rnnung  homeo clinic also.

I will losse my job if he will continious chasing me. I need help to get rid of this guy so that he can be arrested by police.  I have written divorce signed by him but that frud man is not accepting it now I have appleaed in court case is almost finsihed and judge will issue degree in Spetmber.  Pls help me and guide propelry in sending application to heath minister and Cyber Police.

I have to help my self I have  no brother who will help me.

Looking forward to have positive reply


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