Bilawal Bhutto’s new email to address party workers’ issues

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Friday formally launched a general public e-mail address to be used for direct contact with party workers and to receive their suggestions and inputs on various issues.

Addressing party workers, Bilawal recalled that during the convention of PPP presidents and office bearers held at the Presidency on Tuesday, he had announced to start a new project to remain in touch with party workers and benefit from their views and suggestions. “As flag bearers of the PPP we want to strengthen our relationship,” he said, adding that party workers could reach him directly on

Associated Press of Pakistan

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  2. hello bilawal sir i am Ravi kumar from NawaBshah i am hindu and i want to tell about my community
    i think you already know our hindu president chandu mal Now He is also from NawaBshah district shaheed Benazir abad we always give our vote to your party and we always with p p p but unfortunately i have to say chandu mal is not doing well
    You give him the fund for our temples and also for other things lots of jobs in every department but he is giving just to his reletives there are so much for saying about chandu mal kindly see this seriously and come in our city and ask from people of hindu sochi community what chandu mal has done with them .

  3. Dear master Balawul i am kamran one of your main worker is struggling a lot for ppp and and known as 1st arrestee ..when Mr Bhutto was given punishment from court ..and later on BIBI bay nasir offer him service in UK ..but he never went uk and after the death of your mother ..he keep on gathering his area votes for ppp ..he had lost lost one eye while in clash with police ..HIS name is CHUDREY NAN DAR AND LIVE IN MECCA COLONY LAHORE ..SO HIS DAUGHTER IS GOING TO GET MARRY..WE ALL HELP HIM BEING OUR OLDEST SERVANT HE IS TOTALLY UNEDUCATED BUT IS LOYAL TO HIS PARTY ..SO IT IS YOUR DUTY ALSO TO HELP HIM ..IN RESPECT OF PPP IMPORTANT WORKER..YOU CAN FIND HIM BY ASKING YOUR FROM YOUR AREA LEADER OF LAHORE

  4. Sir mere ghar ka electicity ka bill chada hua hai plz koi kamane wala ghar mai hsi nhe plz help me..mai apko bht duaen dungi plz sir

  5. Salam I am syeda shagufta Khaliq advocate from DGkhan punjab I am worker of ppp I love ppp plz sir give me some divisional responsibility I want work in ppp plz give me your cell number

  6. Respected Bilawal bhutto Zardari
    Hope you will be are the son of legend and your legacy will continue I.A ..I am from AJK capital ..Bilawal you can’t imagine that how much i like you and your tactics of politics ..i am your die heart fan and wanted you meet yoy but due to some problems as you are well aware of them i can’t trace you till now despite of contacting you many times through different ways …you can’t imagine my feelings for you they are somehow like a river i have kept in my heart ..please its my humble request to you don’t ignore my message and give me the feedback please …I am the student of medical and wanted to take part in youth activities but after meeting you …i shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness