For the last thirty years, I am watching a revolver packed in a brown leather cover, hanging silently along a wall of the wooden closet, in my father’s room. It is German made, very delicate and highly sophisticated and certainly still virgin. My father never used it; in fact he even does not know how to use a revolver. So many times I ask him the reason of keeping that revolver when he is totally unaware of its usage, he always says, “It is a new world; here a man without ‘arms’ stands nowhere. Arms keep your enemies at a length. It makes no difference if you don’t know how to use a gun but you should have one to display.” 

    The nuclear program of Pakistan, though meant only for a peaceful purpose, has successfully succeeded in keeping the enemy at an arm’s length. For the last many years, the so-called international peace makers are harping on the same string that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are likely to fall in the hands of terrorists. They are planning and dreaming of depriving Pakistan of its hard-earned nuclear program but yet they have not succeeded. A few days back a report was issued on internet by an unknown group of researchers Xiavia Team, exposing the ins and outs of an international plan to destabilize Pakistan. The plan named, Operation Blue Tulsi. According to the report, three well-wishers of Pakistan; India, Israel and the CIA had to spend a lot of time in chalking out this Operation Blue Tulsi. The researchers have concluded their report with the statement, “Operation Blue Tulsi consisted of 15 Years in Planning, 10 Years in Preparation and Today in Execution.” 

     According to the details it was March 1995 when New Delhi airport welcomed Israel’s Air Force chief and some of the key Mossad officials. The sole purpose of this visit was to discuss in detail Pakistan’s nuclear program with the Raw high ups and the other Indian official authorities. In connection to this meeting a year later Indian nuclear and missile program head, Abdul Kalam had a top secret visit of Israel in June 1996 accompanied by Alok Tiwari  a manager from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) –but very strangely this Alok Tiwari remained missing from every top secret meeting . Later on the government of India announced in an official statement that the meetings between Abdul Kalam and his Israeli counterparts were related to purchase of UAVs. Just a few days later, after coming back to India Tiwari accompanied Air Chief Marshal S. K. Sareen to Israel in   July 1996. In fact this was his third trip. He had also visited Israel in April 1996 along with India’s first Defence Attaché to Israel.

     In February 1997, Indian Defence Secretary T. K. Banerji led a high level defence delegation to Israel to discuss the exchange of technology between the two countries. Other than the official purpose the most important topic was Pakistan’s nuclear program. By the end of the visit the two countries had decided to do their utmost to neutralize the threat regarding the nuclear program of Pakistan. Towards the end of 2000 a delegation of top Mossad brass visited India and the combined operation titled: Operation Blue Tulsi was finalized and put into operation which had only one aim: Destroy Pakistan’s nuclear assets followed by its Balkanization.

    In July 2001 Janes Information Group reported that RAW and Mossad are cooperating to infiltrate Pakistan to target important religious and military personalities, journalists, judges, lawyers and bureaucrats. In addition, bombs would be exploded in trains, railway stations, bridges, bus stations, cinemas, hotels and mosques of rival Islamic sects to incite sectarianism. On the other hand, the Balochistan Liberation Army rose out of oblivion like a second incarnation and Balach Marri a Moscow graduate announced himself the leader of BLA. It all happened just in flickering of an eye that numerous training camps germinated in Balochistan with each camp reported to be training up to a 100 militants. However the security and intelligence agencies of Pakistan concentrated all their attention to stop the activities of RAW, Mossad and CIA agents in guise of Baloch militants. The confrontation between the security agencies of Pakistan and the Raw agents kept on increasing resulting in the disturbance of the whole social fiber in Balochistan.

     Some of the international new agencies reported In the mid of 2001 that Special Operations Division of Mossad, also known as Metsada, specializing in assassinations and sabotage was based in India to train RAW operatives and Mossad .a number of teams in Indian Held Kashmir and were also operating a delicate spy network from Indian soil. In July 2001 RAW increased its budget for Indian consulates in Afghanistan by nearly 10 times. 

    In January 2002 under orders from L. K. Advani RAW and other intelligence agencies submitted a detailed report on military options for solving Kashmir issue. This report emphasized that the only solution to the Kashmir issue is the neutralization of Pakistan’s nuclear assets. One major outcome of the report was creation of Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) in March 2002 with the authority to conduct external operations supported by a huge budget. 

     1st January 2005 was the starting date for the next phase of Operation Blue Tulsi. The local agents got the signal and the operation started with the ominous rape of a female doctor in Sui on 2nd January 2005. As expected the incident created headlines all round and culprits not being found created a much supported backlash. This was shortly followed by rocketing of gas installation at Sui on 7th January which put a hole in Pakistan’s gas supply for nearly a week.

Meanwhile in Balochistan the government operation intensified against Nawab Akbar Bugti who took shelter in the rugged mountain range and coordinated the activities of his militants from there. Ultimately the military found him and during the process of negotiations Akbar Bugti died because of cave-roof collapse on 26 August 2006.

      During the course of time the US authorities had agreed with India that if ever Pakistan seemed to destabilize or falling into the hands of extremists, it would help India in destroying Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities. In  December 2007 Baitullah Mehsud  announced the formation of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and with that announcement the agents of Raw and Mossad in Swat Valley and FATA who had been preparing for the day for the last eight years launched an all out assault on the military with a single aim of destabilizing Pakistan.

      Now it is the mid of August 2009.The Raw, Mossad and the CIA have tried their best to destabilize Pakistan as decided in the Operation Blue Tulsi but in Pakistan the scenario is not the same as they had desired. The army has successfully crushed most of the culprits in Fata and Swat. The Internally Displaced people are going back to their homes. The government is stable and the Pakistan Army has succeeded in winning the hearts of people. And above all the nuclear assets of Pakistan are more safe and sound than ever. It seems that the Raw, the Mossad and the CIA had been fishing in the dessert.

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