UK Visa: Reminder to points-based system Tier 4 student applicants

Gerry’s website guidelines for students

We are expecting a 90% increase in student applications from July to October 2009. To ensure a smooth and successful application process, we ask you to provide all the required documentation and supporting evidence as stated in the Tier 4 policy guidence. We also ask you to ensure that the visa letter from your education institution sponsor is accurate and provides all the information required. Please read the Tier 4 policy guidance before submitting your application. Failure to provide the correct documentation will result in refusal of your (Tier 4 student) application.


4 thoughts on “UK Visa: Reminder to points-based system Tier 4 student applicants”

  1. hi, i will apply for uk study visa for 2011 samester and i need some info about the requirments of the IELTS is there any need of IELTS…and how much Bank statement is requries and is that shoud be running i will be thankfull to you….

  2. Salam…. Can anybody tell me, how long does it take to process ur passport

    I have applie on. 9th June for Tier4 visa on fresh passport

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