LAHORE: Music to be used to cure Parkinson’s decease

 The Pakistan Parkinson’s Society (PPS) has announced that it is initiating a ‘Well…Ness’ series to explore and promote the therapeutic effects of music and creativity, to help cure Parkinson’s disease.

People with Parkinson’s, occupational therapists and medical students, attended the seminar held at the Jinnah Post-Graduate Medical College (JPMC) auditorium. In his opening remarks, JPMC Neurology Department head Dr Shaukat Ali welcomed this initiative of introducing new methods of treatment to complement the management of the disease.

Pakistan Parkinson’s Society Chairman Haroon Basheer conducted the ‘Well…Ness’ seminar and had the audience singing and dancing, highlighting the fact that these techniques can be used for managing movement and balance disorder, depression and vocal issues.

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