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Indian book claims Musharraf involved in Mumbai attacks

NEW DELHI: A book by two Delhi-based journalists claims that Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf was involved in planning the Mumbai attacks. The book claims that while the attack was masterminded by Pakistani intelligence, it was implemented by Lashkar-e-Tayyaba after a year-long training. The book, co-authored by Wilson John, who is now a senior fellow with Observer Research Foundation (ORF), and Vishwas Kumar, a senior journalist who specialises in crime and terrorism, mentions several serving and retired Pakistani officials for their involvement in the attacks. “They knew which terrorist group they could rely on to carry out the task. They had notes on previous attacks, the modus operandi used, the local support network and they knew the names of brigadiers who could control the operation through satellite phones.” The book, investigating the Mumbai Conspiracy, published by Pentagon Press, said operations like the Mumbai terror attacks “are never discussed in official meetings [of the ISI]. Such meetings remain unlisted and no minutes are kept. Nor are they planned in a day. Only a handful of the senior officers decide the details, over a period of time, going back and forth over details and more details”. iftikhar gilani\07\26\story_26-7-2009_pg7_11

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  1. Investigate into post mortem no.277/84 jpgmc(karachi)you will have an insight how conspiracies are hatched and implemented.i sent message to supreme court on tuesday21st july09.till date there is no response.

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