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Islamabad: NGO demands tightening of Honour Killings Laws

18th July 2009

Press For Peace (PFP) -a non-governmental organisation working on the noble cause of promoting and protecting human rights and media awareness among the people, has blatantly criticised the brutal murder of seven people belonging to the same family in Charsadda NWFP. PFP demanded that government should reform the honour killing laws in order to reduce such wicked incidents in the country.

“It is responsibility of the government to make honour killings laws in lines with Islamic model so that culprits do not go scot-free”.


According to initial investigation reports it comes to the fore that the main factor behind this heart-rending incident is the love marriage of a couple of the son of Mr. Sher Ali a resident of Charsadda, NWFP, Pakistan.

T.H Shah, Director Research in Press for Press (PFP), remarked that killings in the name of honour should not be condoned under any circumstances as some people quench the thrust of their revenge against the family, person, or community they are at loggerhead with.

“Honour killings is not only the result of some cultural values but it is product of negatively perceived some Islamic teachings as well”, he further said.

 He maintained that though the amendments have been made in the discriminatory honour killings laws in Pakistan, but a lot has yet to be done in a wake of current honour killings crimes in Pakistan particularly in NWFP and Balochistan.

Shah also highlighted the significance of forensic science to investigate such cases and said that unfortunately Pakistan lacks such institutions imparting education on forensic science. Therefore, it is urgent areas necessitating attention of the government to launch department of forensic science in academic institutions at graduation and post graduation level.

“With the help of forensic science, the investigation process can be made more objective to get mathematical results and that real culprits can be brought to justice thus providing redressel to the affected people.

He also demanded across-the-board investigation of this murder case with involvement of judicial bodies as well.

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