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Islamabad Carnival Park attracting large crowds

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Parents appreciate safety measures for children
carnivalBy Myra Imran
Bringing joy to children and contentment to parents, a colourful new addition of international standard — the Carnival Park in the vicinity of Lake View Park — is indeed a welcome step by the authorities.

A large number of children are found enjoying the Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars and Boats, Free Fall, Family Swinger and Missile Simulator at the recently facility that opened only recently. Some other features include Choco Cups, slides and Mini Jets. Though the choice of rides is quite limited, strict observance of safety measures under the supervision of trained staff and quality of rides is an entirely new experience for visitors. “We have imported these rides from Italy and UK for we wanted to make it a recreational place of international standard for children,” said Yasir Hameed, owner of the facility.

He said that experts from these countries fixed the rides and also trained staff on the safety aspects. “We are also keeping the rate of tickets low as compared to other entertainment facilities in the Lake View Park so that people belonging to all classes can enjoy the visit,” he said. Yasir said that work on second phase of the park would start in October when the number of rides would be increased besides establishing a 4-D cinema for children. “The plan is to slowly develop an entertainment place of international standard for children instead of compromising on quality to save time,” he said claiming that this facility was the first of its kind in the country.

The most striking feature of the park is the presence of trained staff to ensure safety of children on rides. The staff members, mostly girls, ensure that safety belts are fastened properly and instruct children on the safety measures.

Talking to ‘The News’, one staff member said that parents had appreciated the idea of ensuring safety measures at such places.

Regarding the behaviour of people towards female staff, she said that no one among their team had experienced any uncivilised behaviour or gesture from visitors. “Parents, especially mothers, rather appreciate us for our professionalism,” she said.

The facility has also broken the monotony of slides and swings, the only features of play areas developed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) over the past few years. Though a positive contribution of the town planners, many of these play areas are often seen lying empty or are in use by adults trying to re-live their childhood. Others have become home to taxi drivers who find these places good enough for napping and washing their vehicles.

The Japanese Park is perhaps another big facility, but its charm too over the years seems to have faded with rides and obstacles that some children find hard to clear and its lawns not as well maintained, as they once used to be.

Another largely appreciated facility for kids is the recently developed Children’s Park at Fatima Jinnah Park. Though lacking in some basic facilities, the rides draw large crowd especially on weekends. It is indeed good that entertainment of children has formed part of the development plans of Capital Development Authority.

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