Islamabad Traffic Police introduce internationally valid driving license

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) have started issuing improved driving licenses having eight security features that make it impossible to prepare fake versions. “This new license would contain finger prints of holders and also their driving history along with standing on the in-built points table and biometric safeguard,” said Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Dr Sultan Azam Temuri on Tuesday. Traffic police will acknowledge the license, both in Urdu and English languages, internationally. The SSP said the driving license system would be linked to National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) and Automated Finger Identification System (AFIS). He said ITP were introducing this new driving license after studying the licensing system of several foreign countries.

Associated Press of Pakistan

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  1. Salaam,
    I have a l.t.v driving license of islamabad (itp) and i wana know that wil dis lisence support me or any benifit in dubai during getting license?

  2. i have driving lisence of quetta Pakistan and i live in japan.Here is very complicated procedure to apply for driving lisence.They have some document in which pakistani rules of driving lisence are mentioned.I dont know where they got from ths document.They ask us these rules and we are not able to tell which they have in that they fail us to issue driving lisence.WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW??plzzz help me.I want to get that document.The document might be given by pakistani embassy or driving lisecne head office or..just want to know how wud i get that document..

  3. plz open the road in opposite of police line H-11 and Opposite the Nescom Hospital.
    every day evening the traffic will jam. PLZ think about that and give mently relief of citizen thanks

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