Pakistan National Saving Schemes Profit Rates: July 2009 75

Historical rates aplicable on saving schemes are as follows

Historical Rates Remained Applicable On Regular Income Certificates
From 13th November, 1996 Onwards

Effective Period Monthly Profit
on Each
(% p.a.)
From To
13-Nov-9606-Jan-97Rs.            1,300.0015.60%
07-Jan-9713-May-99Rs.            1,500.0018.00%
14-May-9931-Dec-99Rs.            1,333.0016.00%
01-Jan-0030-Jun-00Rs.            1,166.6614.00%
01-Jul-0030-Jun-02Rs.            1,040.0012.48%
01-Jul-0231-Dec-02Rs.               880.0010.56%
01-Jan-0330-Jun-03Rs.               760.009.12%
01-Jul-0331-Dec-03Rs.               640.007.68%
01-Jan-0430-Jun-04Rs.               580.006.96%
01-Jul-0431-Dec-04Rs.               570.006.84%
01-Jan-0530-Jun-05Rs.               570.006.84%
01-Jul-0504-Jun-06Rs.               740.008.88%
05-Jun-0622-Jun-07Rs.               770.009.24%
23-Jun-0723-Jun-08Rs.               795.009.54%
24-Jun-0830-Sep-08Rs.                960.0011.52%
01-Oct-0830-Nov-08Rs.                1108.0013.30%
01-Dec-0831-Mar-09Rs.                 1250.0015.00%
01-Apr-0930-Jun-09Rs.                 1133.0013.6%
01-Jul-09Till DateRs.                 1000.0012.0%

Historical Rates Remained Applicable On Special Savings Certificates (Regd.)/ AccountsFrom 13th November, 1996 Onwards

From To 06- Months 01-Year1 1/2 Year2 Years2 1/2 Years 03-Years
13-Nov-9613-May-99Rate (% p.a.)16.00%16.00%16.00%16.00%16.00%18.00%
Profit (PKR)8,000.008,000.008,000.008,000.008,000.009,000.00
14-May-9931-Dec-99Rate (% p.a.)14.00%14.00%14.00%14.00%14.00%16.00%
Profit (PKR)7,000.007,000.007,000.007,000.007,000.008,000.00
01-Jan-0030-May-00Rate (% p.a.)12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%14.00%
Profit (PKR)6,000.006,000.006,000.006,000.006,000.007,000.00
31-May-0030-Jun-00Rate (% p.a.)12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%12.00%14.00%
Profit (PKR)6,000.006,000.006,000.006,000.006,000.007,000.00
01-Jul-0030-Jun-01Rate (% p.a.)11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%12.00%
Profit (PKR)5,500.005,500.005,500.005,500.005,500.006,000.00
01-Jul-0131-Dec-01Rate (% p.a.)12.20%12.20%12.20%12.20%12.20%13.20%
Profit (PKR)6,100.006,100.006,100.006,100.006,100.006,600.00
01-Jan-0230-Jun-02Rate (% p.a.)12.20%12.20%12.20%12.20%12.20%13.20%
Profit (PKR)6,100.006,100.006,100.006,100.006,100.006,600.00
01-Jul-0231-Dec-02Rate (% p.a.)10.30%10.30%10.30%10.30%10.30%11.30%
Profit (PKR)5,150.005,150.005,150.005,150.005,150.005,650.00
01-Jan-0330-Jun-03Rate (% p.a.)8.50%8.50%8.50%8.50%8.50%9.50%
Profit (PKR)4,250.004,250.004,250.004,250.004,250.004,750.00
01-Jul-0331-Dec-03Rate (% p.a.)7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%7.50%8.50%
Profit (PKR)3,750.003,750.003,750.003,750.003,750.004,250.00
01-Jan-0430-Jun-04Rate (% p.a.)7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%7.00%8.00%
Profit (PKR)3,500.003,500.003,500.003,500.003,500.004,000.00
01-Jul-0431-Dec-04Rate (% p.a.)6.80%6.80%6.80%6.80%6.80%7.70%
Profit (PKR)3,400.003,400.003,400.003,400.003,400.003,850.00
01-Jan-0530-Jun-05Rate (% p.a.)6.80%6.80%6.80%6.80%6.80%7.70%
Profit (PKR)3,400.003,400.003,400.003,400.003,400.003,850.00
01-Jul-0504-Jun-06Rate (% p.a.)8.40%8.40%8.40%8.40%8.40%9.60%
Profit (PKR)4,200.004,200.004,200.004,200.004,200.004,800.00
05-Jun-0622-Jun-07Rate (% p.a.)9.00%9.00%9.00%9.00%9.00%10.00%
Profit (PKR)4,500.004,500.004,500.004,500.004,500.005,000.00
23-Jun-0723-Jun-08Rate (% p.a.)9.00%9.00%9.00%9.00%9.00%10.50%
Profit (PKR)4,500.004,500.004,500.004,500.004,500.005,250.00
24-Jun-0830-Sep-08Rate (% p.a.)11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%11.00%12.50%
Profit (PKR)5,500.005,500.005,500.005,500.005,500.006,250.00
01-Oct-0830-Nov-08Rate (% p.a.)12.8%12.8%12.8%12.8%12.8%14%
Profit (PKR)640064006400640064007000.00
01-Dec-0831-Mar-09Rate (% p.a.)14.4%14.4%14.4%14.4%14.4%15.2%
Profit (PKR)720072007200720072007600
01-Apr-0930-Jun-09Rate (% p.a.)13.0%13.0%13.0%13.0%13.0%14.2%
Profit (PKR)650065006500650065007100
01-Jul-09Till DateRate (% p.a.)11.6%11.6%11.6%11.6%11.6%12.0%
Profit (PKR)580058005800580058006000

Rates Applicable On Bahbood Savings Certificates

Effective PeriodMonthly Profit
on Each
(% p.a.)
01-Jul-0330-Jun-05Rs.        840.0010.08%
01-Jul-0504-Jun-06Rs.        920.0011.04%
05-Jun-0622-Jun-07Rs.        960.0011.52%
23-Jun-0723-Jun-08Rs.        970.0011.64%
24-Jun-0830-Sep-08Rs.       1130.0013.56%
01-Oct-0830-Nov-08Rs.      1250.0015.00%
01-Dec-0831-Mar-09Rs.     1400.0016.80%
01-Apr-0930-Jun-09Rs.    1342.0016.10%
01-Jul-09Till DateRs.    1180.0014.16%

Rates Applicable On Pensioners’ Benefit Account

Effective PeriodMonthly Profit
on Each
(% p.a.)
20-Jan-0330-Jun-03Rs.        920.0011.04%
01-Jul-0330-Jun-05Rs.        840.0010.08%
01-Jul-0504-Jun-06Rs.        920.0011.04%
05-Jun-0622-Jun-07Rs.        960.0011.52%
23-Jun-0723-Jun-08Rs.        970.0011.64%
24-Jun-0830-Sep-08Rs.      1130.0013.56%
01-Oct-0830-Nov-08Rs.     1250.0015.00%
01-Dec-0831-Mar-09Rs.    1400.0016.80%
01-Apr-0930-Jun-09Rs.    1342.0016.10%
01-Jul-09Till DateRs.    1180.0014.16%

Historical Rates Remained Applicable On Savings Account
From1st January, 2000 Onwards

Rate Remained Applicable During The PeriodAccounts without Cheque facility
Accounts with Cheque facility
01-Jul-09Till Date8.50%8.00%

Historical Rates Remained Applicable On Defence Savings Certificates
From 25th November, 1993 Onwards

Effective PeriodRate
(% p.a.)
Payable Amount (Principal + Profit ) On Investment of Every Rs.100,000/- On Completion Of
FromTo1st Year2 Years3 Years4 Years5 Years6Years7 Years8 Years9 Years10 Years
24-Jun-08Till Date12.15%108,000118,000129,000142,000158,000177,000201,000230,000265,000315,000

Complete Chart of Defence Saving ratesDefencesaving

Frequently Asked Questions
(General Queries)

Q.1    Can I deposit profit cheque into my account with any scheduled bank? If not, then how can I withdraw my profit without coming to the Centre?

Ans:     No. Unlike cheques of banks, the Profit coupons/withdrawal slips of NSS are not negotiable instruments, hence not acceptable by banks. The profit accrued on  BSC only  may, however, be collected through an agent duly authorized by the certificate holder at his/her own risk and subject to the satisfaction of the officer in charge.

Q.2    What is the standard procedure for encashment of certificate(s) in case of death of certificate

Ans:     Subject to the rules of the respective schemes, the  nominee may opt for encashment of the certificates or transfer of the same in his/her name, however, in the former case the nominee shall be required to furnish;

  1. an application on plain paper containing three specimen signatures of himself/herself duly verified to the satisfaction of the officer in charge.
  2. death certificate of the deceased holder.
  3. attested photocopies of CNICs of both the deceased holder and himself.
  4. in case the certificates are intended to be  transferred to nominee, an application on SC-4 supported by relevant documents shall be required in addition to above requirements.
  5. Original Certificates.

Q.3   Do the revised rates of profit on National Savings Scheme automatically apply to the investment made prior to such revision?

Ans:    No.

Q.4   Are new rates automatically made applicable on the existing investments?

Ans:     All National Savings Schemes (NSS) except Savings Account are term/fixed deposits; hence, the agreement made at the time of investment remains valid upto the maturity of that particular deposit.  Any change in profit either upwards or downwards on later issues doesn’t affect the existing investments.  However, if any investor intends to avail new rates, he/she can withdraw the investment and on payment of subject to nominal service charges (if applicable) and then invest the same on new rates.

Q.5   Can widowers invest in Bahbood Savings Certificates?

Ans:     No, at present the widowers cannot invest in Bahbood Savings Certificates.  However, after attaining 60 years of age, they become automatically eligible being senior citizens.

Q.6   Who are eligible to invest in Bahbood Savings Certificates?

Ans:    The widows and the senior citizens aged 60 years or above can invest in Bahbood Savings Certificates.

Q.7   Is investment made in National Savings Schemes secure?

Ans:     Yes, the investment made in National Savings Schemes (NSS) is fully guaranteed by the Government of Pakistan.

Q.8   What is the difference between Joint-A and Joint-B type investment?

Ans:     The National Savings Schemes provide the facility of joint investment upto two persons.  There are two different types i.e. Joint-A and Joint-B.  In case of Joint-A deposits, the encashment is given only after having the signatures of both the investors; while in case of Joint-B, either of the investors can withdraw/encash the principal under his/her own signatures only.

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