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Pakistan National Saving Certificates profits curtailed-1-July-09

The federal government has reduced the rates of profit on ‘National Savings Schemes’ effective on investment received on or after July 1st, 2009. As per the press release, issued by the Central Directorate of National Savings, the rates of profit on Special Savings Certificates (Registered)/Accounts, Regular Income Certificates, Bahbood Savings Certificates/ Pensioner’s Benefit Accounts and Savings Accounts have been cut to 11.67%, 12.00%, 14.16%, and 8.50% per annum respectively. The rate of profit on Defence Savings Certificates i.e. 12.15 per cent pa and the value & number of prizes on prize bonds remain unchanged.

Special Savings Certificates (Registered)/Accounts=11.67%

Regular Income Certificates=12.00%

Bahbood Savings Certificates/ Pensioner’s Benefit Accounts=14.16%

Savings Accounts=8.50%

 Source: Geo TV, The News, Daily Times

Please click the following link to see profit rates effective from July 2009

13 thoughts on “Pakistan National Saving Certificates profits curtailed-1-July-09”

  1. I want to know that how many month interest/profit of pension benefit account may be taken with a single month profit.

  2. please tell me how i can transfer my saving A/c OR SAVING CERTIFICATE one city to 2nd city in pakistan and your staff in some places are not cooperative


    1. Download Form D-6 or D-7 from National Savings website which ever is applicable to your case. Fill this Form in duplicate and send it through TCS or Registered Mail to the Officer Incharge of the National Savings Certer where your account or certificates are presently registered. Attach with this Form copy of you CNIC and Certificates/Passbook/Withdrawal Slip book. The Officer Incharge would transfer it to the city where you want. If you would go personally he would make objection this and that or more preferably would tell you transfer is not allowed, cancel and open the new one in new city. Don’t believe him. I have last month got mine transferred from Islamabad to Karachi.

      Transfer within the same city is also allowed but in this case you need to write what is the cogent reason of this transfer. You can explain this. Like you lived in Sector-A, now your home is in Sector-D etc.

  3. If someone buys Special Savings Certificates of Rs.100,000 @11.67%PA and does not encash profit after 6 months, what profit will he get after a year (including profit on previous 6 month’s profit). Please advise, as there are staff at National Savings Offices, who are misguiding people by taking their blank signatures, and keeping the amount that people don’t know about i.e. profit on the reinvested amount.

  4. if somebody buys regular income certificates but deosnot cash the profit monthly for a whole year then he want to encashment his half of deposit how much will the center deduce the amount?


      Please check your mail and double check always when you write your email address. (Moderator)

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