20% construction work on new Islamabad airport completed

More than 20 per cent construction work of ‘airside infrastructure’ of the new Islamabad International Airport which includes pavement works (Runway, Taxiway, Apron etc.) has already been completed as commenced in August last year and this airport will become functional by the end of 2011.

According to a senior official of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Phase-I of the project which includes site preparatory and earth works has already been completed in April last year. According to details, the new Islamabad International Airport is being constructed at Tarnol-Fateh Jang road equipped with all facilities of international standard and would be completed in the stipulated period as set end of 2011.

Regarding work progress, the official said that the ground for construction of Terminal Building and allied facilities was currently being levelled/graded. The entire project is planning to be completed as per schedule, he added.

All the required land measuring 3200 acres has already been acquired by CAA for the new Islamabad International Airport which is located at Pind Ranjha near Fateh Jang, some 20 km from Zero-point Islamabad and 23 km from Saddar, Rawalpindi.It is a self-financing project of the Civil Aviation Authority and more than 54 billion rupees were allocated in CAA’s annual development programme for the construction of this airport.

When asked about the details of the airport’s construction work, he said that the airport is being constructed in two phases involves the construction of taxiways, aprons and other airside infrastructure besides construction of a large car parking for 2,000 vehicles, a covered plaza area for 200 cars, a control tower, maintenance hangar, a 15-gate terminal with ten remote gates, 42 immigration counters, nine baggage claim carousels, 12 X-ray machines, and also office and administration facilities. Two runways of the new airport to be used simultaneously for domestic and international operation.

There will also be a hotel, convention centre, duty-free shops, airside mall, business centre, food court, leisure facilities and banks at the new terminal, he said. New Islamabad International Airport would guarantee the development and prosperity of the area and would be a milestone in the history of Civil Aviation. All latest facilities would be provided for passengers and air companies, adding that modern facilities and new techniques would be used for the construction of Airport Complex, he told APP. He hoped that the new airport would be one of the best airports in Asia and congratulated the designers and workers on the initiation of this huge project.

Courtesy: The News, 30-June-09

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  2. Looks like another project that Pakistan will never finish, I bet most of the money has already been stolen by corrupt people in charge of this project. I am ashamed to be a Pakistani.

  3. Well looking at the quality of the contractors plus the Lahore base cowboys also eating a fare share of the pot, it is a very concerned matter and we need to ensure it is inspected before these guys get paid.
    Irish and Pakistani Contractors worst of both worlds.

    I hope an independent inspection regime is put place the works inspected both before we pay these lot!

    It must be Rishwat galore!

    May Allah Help us

  4. I don’t think anything ever gets completed in Pakistan. They just like you to dream of what you can’t have and Instead, it all gets eaten! I have not heard a thing in any form of media promoting the airport construction since stories of the new airport began to surface.

  5. I am happy to learn that New Airport is half way to its completion, But one thing make me wonder as why this Airport to be name as Islamabad International Airport and or Benazir Bhutto International Airport,

    and not

    Attock International Airport, Islamabad. and or
    Islamabad International Airport, Attock.

    As it would be based in Attock District and not Islamabad.

    I request the highest Government authority,
    The Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan and
    The Honourable President of Pakistan to change the Airport name to its original and actual base before its official opening in 2011.

    Doing this we could boom Attock district to International level, Simply we should learn from China who have been doing such projects in rural areas and small cities to make those areas as International standard

    If we name this Airport to it’s original base we could produce New city to the International community.

    With respect,


    Khan R.


    1. Khurram Shamsher Lall

      Our Pakistani nation always thinks USA is the best, judging from the rush for green cards. With your OPRN airport name suggestion, please note that here in USA, Cincinnati [Ohio] International Airport, a major SkyTeam hub, is actually located across the river in Covington, Kentucky. Thus Attock International is *not* a viable name for OPRN field as we love to imitate the Yanks. QED

  6. Dear sir,

    I am very happy to learn that New Airport is half way to its completion, But one thing make me wonder as why this airport to be name as Islamabad International Airport and or Benazir Bhutto International Airport. and Not
    Attock International Airport,Islamabad and or

    Islamabad International Airport, Attock.

    As you all know that the airport would be based in Attock and NOT Islamabad.

    I request relevant authority to change the name to its actual base and not simply show off.


  7. Dear Sir
    I am very happy to know that the new islamabad airport would be completed in 2011.Please
    let me know the present status if possible .We in overseas, want pakistan to be the best state in Asia in all fields.



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