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One third of British visa applications by Pakistanis ‘not checked’

More than one in three successful UK visa applications by Pakistanis lacked credibility, according to a 2006 secret UK Border Agency report. The Sunday Times, claiming access to the report, has disclosed that travel permits were being granted without some of the most basic checks. A Border Agency source claimed that the concerns raised by an official sent to Pakistan to investigate were ignored by his senior. The report highlighted bogus bank accounts, letters of introduction from non-existent British companies and ‘tourists’ who left behind wives and children.

Daily Times, 23-June-09

1 thought on “One third of British visa applications by Pakistanis ‘not checked’”

  1. Saying this does not make sense, because the number of immigrants form Pakistan to UK and from other countries to UK should be taken and then their criminal records in UK should be compared. 99% pakistani, regarless of the way they used to come here, are law abiding and fear from law more then those who have made these law

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