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When I was a university student, I remember, one day a lady professor told the class that most of the intelligent people shall choose the personal diary for reading if they are asked to select from different material including novels, short stories and books on history, etc. The very next day some one stole away her personal diary from her room and left a piece of paper there; “you have a huge collection of books here in your room but I am taking away your personal diary because I am intelligent”. It is something very immoral to peep into the privacies of others. Secrets should not be made public; but keeping the teachings of morality aside, the most attractive thing is to explore the banned privacies.

 A few days back the security agencies of Pakistan come by some diaries during their operation clean up in swat and other neighbouring areas. According to the sources these diaries belonged to some of the front rank leaders of TTP, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. These diaries were publicized for the awareness of the masses and even for the Taliban segments who are unknowingly playing in the hands of the anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan forces. One of these diaries belonged to Haji Muslim Khan; the spokesman of the TTP.It is said that Haji Muslim Khan is the person who played the most pivotal role in distorting the peace accord between the government and the TNSM (Tehreek Nafaz Shariat-e-Mohammadi) Swat. All ‘credit’ of the present blood-shed in swat and the displacement of the Swatees goes to this person. The security agencies say, “These are not the simple diaries of common people, they are the Training Manuals. From plantation of booby traps to the bomb making and from the training of suicidal attackers to the maneuvering of a very compact defense system, these diaries have a lot to offer.


These Taliban diaries compel the people to cast an inquisitive glance at the back ground of the Taliban activities in Pakistan. The people living in the tribal areas of Pakistan are surely very much devoted and dedicated Pakistanis but unluckily no government in the past paid any attention to their education. The number of the youngsters going to schools and colleges is pathetically next to nothing. The war lords usually send their children to the western countries for education. Schools and colleges are in a very few number. Most of the people send their children to the Madrassas for religious education. In such circumstances it seems impossible that the people living here might be writing diaries which look more than a training manual. Moreover these diaries contain a lot of technical procedures and instructions regarding different chemical reactions. They guide the reader how to make highly explosive bombs with the help of very commonly available ingredients like, ghee, aluminum, Vaseline, coffee, charcoal, sugar, salt, cooking oil and potassium chlorate. The exact quantities are mentioned in a very teacher-like description and to avoid confusions diagrams have also been drawn where necessary. Instructions on the use of TNT and RDX along with the addition of ball bearings are also mentioned in the diaries. The main objective of all these details seems to show the way to the whole sale destruction. The security agencies are quite sure that although apparently these diaries belong to the Taliban leaders yet they are not the authors but the readers.


Let us cast a look at the basic and initial agenda plan of the Taliban when this movement was in infancy. Their only motive was the supremacy of Islam and the promotion of Islamic ideology through preaching all around the world. With the passage of time the Taliban became a very strong Islamic force which succeeded in challenging the Russian desire of enslaving Afghanistan. The Americans were fully aware of the fact that very soon the Taliban were going to give a tough time to the US authority and would become a hard stone rock in their journey to the desired supremacy So they started patronizing India in a hope that India would easily lend a helping hand to the Americans in carrying out the Taliban-Crush program. On the other hand the Indians were themselves afraid of these Islamic extremists. They thought that the Taliban could prove a severe threat regarding the Kashmir issue. By helping the Americans the Indians were going to get twofold benefit; a strong support in the nuclear program and a chance of weakening the freedom movement in Occupied Kashmir. That is how the gun triggered. Now in the tribal areas of Pakistan the Indian agencies are playing the most heinous role. They are providing the miscreants with money, ammunition, information, shelter and technology to their agents who are among the rows of Taliban in disguise of extremists and fundamentalists. Most of these agents are non-Muslims but they are so well trained that even their very close accomplices are not aware of their reality. The government of Pakistan has been protesting since long that the Indian consulates along the Pak-Afghan border are playing a very vital role in creating disturbance in the Pakistani tribal areas but this protest was never given any importance: might be the reason behind is that neither the Afghan government nor the US authorities are willing to discourage the Indian efforts because the destabilization of Pakistan is a common agenda of USA, Afghanistan and India.


The struggle started in the name of the war against terror has become a war of confusions. History would one day surely salute to the Pakistan army for fighting courageously this multi-dimensional war in the tribal areas of Pakistan. One army facing so many enemies at the same time; it is a story of morale and determination. The pro-Pakistan elements in Taliban have been indicating that the miscreants fighting against the Pakistan Army have nothing to do with Islam. They are simply doing what they are paid for. They say that on one hand America is patting Pakistan for doing well against the extremists and repeatedly asking for doing more and on the other hand it is Patronizing India so that India may continue supporting the miscreants in Swat and other afflicted areas.

The most neglected factor during this war is the Kashmir issue. All attention and all concentration of the government of Pakistan have focused upon the disturbance in Swat and other adjutant areas. The Kashmir issue has gone behind the curtains. It was only the government of Pakistan which had always been reminding the international authorities of the sorry plight of the helpless Kashmiris. But now things have painfully changed .The people of Kashmir are watching feebly towards their old friend Pakistan for favour and moral support. They know very well that at present Pakistan itself is sailing in troubled waters but they are confident of its skillful artistic abilities of swimming, floating and diving into deep waters. They are praying for the day when this hurricane like weather is going to be calmed down. They are waiting for a luminous dawn colored with hopeful light of freedom, liberty and independence from the cruel clutches of India.

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