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Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

The death of shaheed is life to nation

Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi, was martyred in a suicide attack last Friday. He was buried in Jamia Naeemia. He was teacher, elder brother, trust-worthy campaign and above all serviceable neighbor to us. His whole life was the continuation of inbuilt qualities of immaculate leadership, service, submission, and sensibility. He was great administrator and he institutionalized human friendly administration throughout his life. He believed in participatory style of management. He acted holistic approach to resolve complex and complicated issues. He was conflict resolution minded personality who never provoked any sectarian issue, conflict or confrontation. He tried his best to maintain and sustain inter-faith harmony among the different sects of Muslim and he succeeded to do so. He was genuine scholar which is itself a rarity in Pakistan. He remained prominent columnist and contributor to many daily newspapers and produced unlimited in depth articles on religion, society, current affairs, humanity, democracy, moralities. His death is a great loss to nation and humanity.


He never used or inclined towards power possession. He ruled the minds of people and conquered the hearts & souls instead of bodies. His message was love for humanity, peace, harmony and struggle and he actually spent whole his life on these golden principles. He worked for the glory of Islam, revival of true religion spirits, and above all transformation of society at large. He spread the holiness of education, and literacy and did succeed to establish lots of educational instructions throughout the country. His unstoppable efforts towards education, counseling, cooperation, collaboration until his last breaths mesmerized millions of people in the country and around the globe. He worked day and night continuously for his earnings and never beg even a single penny. He observed unshakable qualities of patience, prudence, persistence, piousness, and purification during his whole life. He was determined towards his noble cause. He was dutiful to his assignments. He was kind father and faithful husband.

DR 15

He was man of character. He was never afraid of any dictatorship and spoke freely against its conspiracies and ill designs. He struggled for the restoration of true democracy and fought against injustice in the society. He remained behind the bars several times for his outspoken but genuine concerns towards people of Pakistan. He was bold and a courageous man. He was among the first who raised voice against the inhuman incidents of terrorism. He portrayed the true picture of Islam which stands for peace not predominance with armed struggle. He projected that Islam speaks about forgiveness not fanaticism. He advocated Islam as pure and simple source of blessings not the acts of blats and barbarism. He highlighted that Islam stands for harmony not for heinous and horrified acts. He spoke that Islam is a sacred religion which should not be used for any proxy war. He sacrificed his life for the purification and profoundness of Islam, humanity, peace, harmony and dignity.

In the time of grief, despair and agony his family affirmed to continue the mission of Dr. Sarfraz Naeemi. His son Raghib says” We will follow his mission and his martyrdom will guide us in our happiness and sorrows for the rest of our lives”.On the behalf of my whole family i assure the deceased’s family that we were with them and we will them in rest of our life.

He was not found of any worldly protocol. He was a humble person who always ready for service and cooperation. His whole life is full of struggle, and he fought against many societal stigma and personal taboos. He was true and firmed patriot. He used to protect the best interest of Pakistan by writing articles in newspapers and delivering appealing speeches in conferences. Once he said “I have got one life to live and I will dedicate it to my nation, armed forces army the prophet (peace be upon him).

He was great orator who knew the importance of words. He kept his promises and behaved like a thorough gentleman. He never asked for any police protection. He never desired for any monetary gains or favour. He was renowned cleric yet very simple man. By sacrificing his life for a noble cause he will remain in the cherish memories of millions of faithful people across the country. It is my pray that his sacrifice may create caravans of mutual understanding, peace, harmony, prosperity, and stability of Pakistan. May Allah bless the departed soul and he may rest in heaven.

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