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Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

1. When did you win the title of Miss Italy Pantene Protagonist?

I am winner of the first edition of the beauty contest “Pantene protagonist” and I became Pantene’s testimonial: it was my first commercial. Afterwards, I won the beauty contest in TESCO U.K too.

2. Was it accidental or you prepared yourself professionally to participate and contest for prestigious title?

I achieved it through proper professional guidance and self-confidence.

3. Since you are the very famous celebrity especially after the wining of Miss Italy, what changes you have to face afterwards?

Over night I became famous and public figure throughout Italy. After winning this competition, a lot of people recognized me, my face was everywhere, on the papers, on the street busses, on TV. I went on with my studies and got my degree in political science

4. What are the main responsibilities of you as international brand ambassador of Pantene?

Take part in promotional activities of its products and participate in different commercial ads too.

5. What is the purpose of your recent visit of Pakistan?

I was invited by E.C.S. group and Italian/Pak chamber of commerce and industry in order to attend and grace the occasion of “the international mango festival 2008” in Multan..

6. Do you like Pakistan, its culture and people too?

I enjoyed my stay in Pakistan. I had a very interesting vacation in this country, I found Pakistan and its people marvelous, they are very kind, cooperative, decent, and lovely that we have forgotten since long in Europe.

7. What is the meaning of life to you?

The meaning of life for me, what a philosophical question! Very difficult…life has a lot of meanings; one is realizing of your own desires and being where you are needed.

8. Nothing succeed like success what is the meaning and importance of money, fame and power to you?

I don’t care about power and fame: they hide you the sense of reality. Today everybody wants to become famous….why? it means less freedom and lots of troubles. I just want to do my work in the best way and earn a lot of money, sure! Money makes you living easier.

9. Who is your role model in your personal life?

I love my family and it has always been my centre of inspiration and role model.

10. Every one has inspiration; do you have any inspiration or icon in your professional pursuits/career?

I admire the old times actors, those of the Italian comedy of the fifties and sixties and also some one of the today cinema of course. But most of all I believe that important is to be unique and different

11. Color plays very important role in someone personality, and style. What is your favorite color?

I love bright colors. My favorite colors are light blue, light green and all their shades. I also like the colors of the rainbow.

12. Books are the best companions. What is your favorite book or novel?

I read a lot, I read everything! As my mother says, reading gets you informed and to be informed gets you free. I have also read “in the line of fire” the book written by your President Musharaff whom I met personally: I also devour a lot of classic writers and the books written by Tiziano Terzani, a Italian journalist who dedicated his life to Asia.

13. What are your favorite dress and why?

I love mini dresses during summertime and also during winter with contrasted colors I also like to wear many dresses which are simple and fast to wear! In Pakistan I wore shavar camiz!

14. Particular season does have special meaning to everyone. What is your favorite season?

I love summer although every season is charming and interesting. I love the nature in all its manifestations and diversity.

15. Films tend to create virtual reality. What is your favorite film?


Italian cinema in these years is reborn and getting popularity again among the audiences. Thanks to beautiful social films. My favorite directors are Kubrick, Tim Burton, the Italian Emanuele Crialese and Tornatore and many others. I think cinema is one of the more amusing and social useful arts.

16. Who are your favorite actor and actress?


I like some Italian actress and the mythical American actors too. I like Robert De Niro, Scorsese..Allen..Dustin Hoffman..Jack Nicolson.

17. Music is the voice of soul which is universal. What is your favorite singer and song too?

It is always difficult thinking about your favorite song, there are so many! “La isla bonita” by Madonna, “mad word” Tears for fears, “losing my religion” R.E.M., many songs by the Italian Jovanotti, Battisti etc.

18. Every successful man has a woman behind it. In your case who is responsible for your success in life?


My family contributed a lot in my each and every success. The important pieces of advices of my great grandmother played very decisive role too.

19. Hobbies indicate the level of energy what are your favorite hobbies?

Sports: golf, tennis. Cinema, traveling, reading, and like shopping.

20. What is the definition of love to you?

A place without reason, where the only protagonist is the instinct

21. Beauty is a universal language and personality traits. Being a famous personality how you define beauty?


An ugly woman doesn’t exist but only un-fanciful men” Andy Warhol said. Beauty is subjective and is the difference between everybody with all our defects!

22. Food gives general prediction about any personality. What are your favorite food, fruit, and vegetable?

I love simple food; Italian food is perfect for my kind of life, even if I like trying different food from all around the word. I love pizza, sushi, melon, Pakistani mango, figs, aubergine.

23. What is your favorite country and why?

I am a citizen of the word! My country is beautiful and also yours. Spain is one of my favorite and also Brazil, that will be my next destination

24. What are future plans in the life?

I would like to work on Sky like anchorwoman, and in the same time I’m studying acting to became a good actress

25. What are message to common people of Pakistan and especially the womanhood?


Pakistan women have always to remember. They tend to play very important roles in the societies and homes too. In Pakistan I met very kind and friendly people, I hope you‘ll never change under the globalization’s pressure.

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